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Welcome to the Learning Renaissance Blog! My name is David Hughes and I am an educator and writer from the United Kingdom. I always said I wouldn’t write a blog … Continue reading

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Project-Based Learning – Dispelling Some Myths

We have long argued the importance of Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a vehicle for increasing student advocacy and engagement towards raising standards. Indeed, countries like Singapore and Finland, who perform … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Value of a Great Teacher

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The Importance of Media Literacy to a Functioning Democracy

Twenty years ago I attended a course designed to teach me how to use HyperText Mark-Up Language – a vital fluency if I was to design online educational pages for … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Emotional Resilience and Mental Health in Schools

Many moons ago, when our children were due to be born, Jane and I attended National Childbirth Trust classes. Our mentor used to set aside some quiet time in the … Continue reading

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Improving Student and Teacher Performance

I was taken by this simple graphic posted by my friend Stephen Norris and realised, that for all its simplicity it revealed a quite profound truth. Personal performance does vary … Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day | Burnout | The Skill Collective

Burnout – it’s a feeling that we have probably experienced at some point in our lives. But what exactly is it, and what’s the difference between stress, burnout, and depression? Find … Continue reading

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The Skill Collective Resource Library

Get access to an entire library of free resources on well-being, mental health, and performance. Find it here: The Skill Collective Resource Library

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Thought For The Day: The Wonder of Teaching

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After-School Clubs Encourage Problem-Solving by Letting Students Lead | Edutopia

Using their interests as a guide, elementary students can simultaneously acquire knowledge and serve the school community. Through the weekly videos, students made connections, expanded their vocabulary, shared anecdotes, and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Power of Stories

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Why Stories Are More Powerful Than You Think | BBC Ideas

There’s a Native American proverb that says, “The one who tells the story rules the world.” Stories have the potential to be incredibly powerful. They’re able to change how we … Continue reading

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Black History Month | Spilling The Black Tea | The Social

“Black History Month is a time for celebration.” Join Amanda Calley as she navigates Black History Month in the UK and discusses different aspects of Black British history, culture and … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja provides a wide variety of high-quality products and systems that help to support pupils, teachers and schools. Visit the website here: Vocabulary Ninja – The Home of High-Quality … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Autumn

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The Importance of Student Choice | Edutopia

When students get to make decisions about their learning, it can be powerfully motivating. Within the realm of literacy alone, the research on choice provides a powerful illustration: According to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Understanding and Judgement

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The Microlearning Principle: Shorter, Bite-Sized Learning Improves Retention by up to 80% | Medium

Small bites of learning can be highly effective for busy professionals and everyone who values learning but don’t have time for intensive learning. Read the article here: The Microlearning Principle: … Continue reading

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Horrible Histories Podcast | CBBC

The BAFTA-winning team behind CBBC’s hugely popular Horrible Histories TV series have brought together some of the most remarkable figures in history and imagined what they’d do with their own … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Value of Repetition

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Why Are Hyperlinks Blue?

The internet has ingrained itself into every aspect of our lives, but there’s one aspect of the digital world that I bet you take for granted. Did you ever notice … Continue reading

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The Sound of Inclusion: Why Teachers’ Words Matter | The Conversation

Teachers’ words matter, and students’ do too – from science to the humanities. Studies have found that at all levels of education, instructors often favor students who sound like themselves … Continue reading

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Awesome Audiobooks for Back-to-School Listening | Penguin Random House

Addressing back-to-school worries, making new friends, building self-esteem: these stories will have kids looking forward to the year to come. Read the list here: It’s Elementary: Awesome Audiobooks for Back-to-School … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Learn to Sit

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How to Use a Class Google Site to Improve Organization and Engagement | Edutopia

This free tool helps students in the classroom and at home stay on the same page – and there are benefits for teachers as well. I have always prepared well … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Grappling with the Ineffable

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Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Small World Rule to Achieve Huge Goals |

The small world rule is an emotionally intelligent way to stay the course when you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and close to giving up. What had once sounded fun had become … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Be Vigilant

I’ve had plenty of time to ruinate about what is the highest aspiration that a teacher can have for their pupils. I’ve come to the conclusion that kindness is the … Continue reading

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8 Ways Teachers Can Talk Less and Get Kids Talking More

Even when the learning has been turned over to the students, it’s still tempting to spend too much time giving directions, repeating important information, and telling students how they did … Continue reading

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