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A Teachers’ Guide to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is exactly what the name implies: an augmented version of reality created by mixing technology with the known world. It might be a distorted, augmented, or less augmented … Continue reading

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BBC WebWise: Making the web safer for your child

Many internet service providers (ISPs) provide parental control software – most of which includes content filters which can block offensive content such as pornography. The four big ISPs – BT, … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Visual on The Connected Teacher

Via: ETML – A Beautiful Visual on The Connected Teacher Source: The Networked Teacher

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Augmented Reality Apps: Is This the Future of Education?

Paul Hamilton explores the learning opportunities Augmented Reality brings to education. Find more videos here: AR Educational Experiments

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The Six Types of Questions Your Students Need to Know About

Learning is all about asking questions and finding answers to them. An inquisitive mind is one that goes beyond the status quo and probes deep below surface meanings. To foster … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality: it’s like real life, but better | The Observer

Read more at The Observer: Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better | The Observer

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