The Learning Renaissance

Revision: A Guide for Students, Teachers and Parents (JLB)

Too many learners fail in learning. They usually put their failure down to being not very bright or not being able to remember things! In truth, their failure is not one of their ability, but one of using the wrong techniques to try and learn.

Much of what is traditionally thought of as revision – the distribution of notes, passive reading of said notes, and trying to remember as a sort of test of memory – is both counter-intuitive and doomed to failure.

Many learners feel that their ability to learn is compromised by a bad memory, whereas their problem is in fact more to do with how they engage with learning material rather than and deficiency in the storage capacity of their brain.

This short presentation reproduces in shorthand format of presentations I used to tour around schools on practical metacognition strategies or, going with the grain of how your brain learns. It attempts to address revision in a systematic and “brain friendly” way… it rewards those who use it with profound results.

I’m available to support CPD activities on these facets of learning…  you can use the form below to contact me.

The most significant person you will meet in this video is Hermann Ebbinghaus. If you can develop an answer to the problem he outlined, you are on your way to becoming a successful learner.


Link to this video on Vimeo: Revision: How to do it … a guide for students, teachers and parents from JLB Learning Innovation on Vimeo.

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