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Learning Quotient – An Introduction

As teachers or as those who manage learning environments we can do something about creating the conditions for LQ to flourish. I am not suggesting the multiple learning styles approach but instead introducing the concept of LQ to learners and then giving them the room within the learning environment we manage to exercise it.

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LQ teacher

This is the first of what is presently (13/11/13) seventeen articles on the concept of LQ (Learning Intelligence) as proposed by ace-d. There is a list of all the articles covering aptitudes, attitudes and issues linked to LQ  here: I would be pleased to hear any comments or receive any questions you may have about LQ.  I am available for conferences, workshops, plenaries, online training, course design, webinars, and consulting. Your organization can reach me at to discuss arrangements.

A Discussion about learning and Learning Quotient

It is easy to imagine the effects of a “toxic” learning environment, one where the learner is not able to access the learning. To begin with imagine what happens when the learner is excluded from the learning opportunities. Any explanation or instruction may be impossible to understand, as if spoken in a foreign language (“Blah, blah, blab bla”). Any activities look impossible…

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