The Learning Renaissance

How Pisa became the world’s most important exam | BBC News

Your education today is your economy tomorrow,” says Andreas Schleicher from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, who has become one of the world’s most influential figures in education. … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: 30+ digital tools

Read more at ETML: Web-based Version of Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Digital Storytelling in Plain English (YouTube)

This video was created by Amy Cox, Morgan Watson, Lindsey Quinlisk, and Yong Kim specifically for Stanford’s Teacher Education Program (STEP) Conference in June 2009.

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Learning Intelligence (LQ) and the Effects on Learning

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The “nurture and nature” debate is a long running one and one I want to only briefly explore in this article which brings together the attributes…

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How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos | Foter Blog

Source: How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos | Foter Blog

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: The 21st Century Version

Bloom, being convinced of the importance of thinking behaviors in the processes of learning, had spearheaded a group of brilliant educational psychologists to undertake the task of classifying educational goals … Continue reading

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Learning Intelligence and the link to Technology

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Why have we welcomed technology into our lives but resisted it in our education systems? Technology is so much part of our everyday life it is…

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View to a skill – The next big education player? | BBC News

The way we learn is currently changing profoundly, as this article outlines: “There is going to be huge consolidation worldwide into a small number of platforms for learning, because it’s … Continue reading

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New projects test how technology can boost learning | BBC News

“Poor learners are often over-confident about the power of their memories and can struggle to find alternative strategies. We need to encourage them to think about how they learn and … Continue reading

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