The Learning Renaissance

Engaging Brains: How to Enhance Learning by Teaching Kids About Neuroplasticity

Explicitly teaching students about neuroplasticity can have a transformative impact in the classroom. A central facet of our work as teacher educators is teaching about how the brain changes during … Continue reading

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Six Thinkers who Transformed Education & Pedagogy

The visual features six of the most celebrated pedagogues who have left some remarkable imprints on the literature and science of education and pedagogy. Each one of theses thinkers contributed … Continue reading

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Seven Tips for Teachers & Parents to Help Struggling Readers

Teaching reading has always been the nucleus of heated debates between two camps of scholars: advocates of the traditional school of literacy emphasize the need for an instructed and learned … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Knowledge and Experience (Lifehacker)

…knowledge alone is not useful unless we can make connections between what we know. Whether you use the terms ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ to explain the difference or not, the concept … Continue reading

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The Learning Renaissance… Donald Clark TED Talk on Pedagogic Change (YouTube)

I’m a great fan of TED talks. They provide a fantastic insight into new ways of thinking.  The concept of the Learning Renaissance is well outlined here by Donald Clark.

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A New Learning Renaissance… (YouTube)

In my opinion, one key feature of the Learning Renaissance is the publication of road maps to try to capture what authors feel are the key features of the new … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Listen!

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Via Ferrata with ISSET

One of my favourite collaborations is with Chris Barber of the International Space School Educational Trust. Their mission is not just to promote world class Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics … Continue reading

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Student Prior Knowledge… Let’s Not Make Any Assumptions!

One reason why students fail to make sufficient traction in their learning is that little attention is paid to their prior knowledge when planning courses of study. This clever tool … Continue reading

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Assessment: What is it good for?

Student assessment always conjures up negative associations in teachers and students alike. This is largely due to the link between assessment and examinations. However, there is more than one form of … Continue reading

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What is a Flipped Classroom?

There is much talk in educational circles about the flipped classroom. In essence this is about ways to bring pedagogy and technology together to present more stimulating and challenging learning … Continue reading

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New York tackles the pre-school gap | BBC News

President Barack Obama hailed the importance in his state of the union address last week, welcoming that 30 states were raising funds for more pre-school places. “Research shows that one … Continue reading

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OECD ‘debunks myth’ that poor will fail at school | BBC News

The poorest 10% of pupils in Shanghai are as good as the most privileged 20% of teenagers taking the test in the UK and the United States. Read More: BBC … Continue reading

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