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MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses): The Shape of Learning to Come… But What Are They?

A fantastic recent development in the world of Higher Education is the MOOC or Mass Online Open Learning Course.
The idea behind this is that leading universities put their learning materials online for free. For many it is seen as a loss leader to enable them to market their courses and draw in pre-qualified leads to their courses. Whatever the motivation it means that if you have access to the internet you can follow and access the courses of major universities free of charge.

Of course, if you want a qualification to go with your study you will need to register with the university, and pay for the course and related tuition, but MOOCs do allow for self supported independent study, and as such represent a fantastic opportunity for both motivated students and teachers to access premier study materials.

An overview of MOOCs can be seen here: Over 800 Free MOOCs To Help You Grow


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