The Learning Renaissance

The Landscape of 21st Century Learning

The caption for this infographic might be ‘The Flipped Classroom’ as it outlines the differences we can expect from the 21st century classroom.

It also outlines the fact that the teacher is not now the single funnel conduit through which learning takes place, but the facilitator of learning opportunities and structures for the class.

Although not specifically mentioned here, this also involves changes in assessment and learning outcomes as competences of group work, problem solving and presentation to audience are also tested within the lesson. In fact, so ambitious are the learning behaviours incorporated in such sessions that the traditional one hour lesson is not sufficient to contain them, nor is the constraint of a single subject.

In the RSA Opening Minds curriculum the standard lesson size is three hours with teachers collaborating to produce meaningful cross curricular content which tests literacy and numeracy as well as learning attitudes, behaviours and competence – such as being able to manage time and resources. The result is learning with purpose, with an outcome and peer review as part of the assessment package.

Read more at ETML: The Landscape of 21st Century Learning
Source: What’s In and What’s Out in Education | User Generated Education


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