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Five Steps in Developing Learning Intelligence (LQ)

Originally posted on ace-d:
For over a year now I have been publishing articles that describe the concept I call Learning Intelligence or “LQ” for short. You can see a…

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Why Differentiate When Working With Learners?

The idea that all learners are the same is patently inaccurate. It is therefore important that the focus for teaching should recognise this and try to accommodate the variations in … Continue reading

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The Added Value of ICT in Learning

Much of the debate on the efficacy of ICT on learning standards is wish-mongering or anecdotal. There is a dearth of qualitative and quantitative evidence in the debate. To this … Continue reading

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Learning Styles Descriptors

I’ve seen the concept of learning styles misused in the past, but this infographic provides some good descriptors… Read more: A Handy Visual Featuring The 7 Learning Styles Sources: Blue … Continue reading

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Some interesting insights into reading emotions which links to emotional intelligence

Was referred to this today which, although is based on marketing research, provides some insights into reading emotions in daily interactions. Read more here: Momentum Research | Emotions A-Z It … Continue reading

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BBC begins kids coding push with Bitesize and TV shows | BBC News

The BBC has published computer programming study guides, quizzes and other support materials on its Bitesize site to coincide with the new computing curriculum’s introduction in England. The broadcaster also … Continue reading

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