The Learning Renaissance

Reading – the Foundation for Learning Success

Like the obsession with slimming, parents are often keen to purchase the best advice and services to aid their child’s learning development. Slimming is simply achieving an optimal balance between … Continue reading

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Redefining Learning for the 21st Century

Fluencies is a new term to me but defining the effectiveness of learning, not in terms on content covered in knowledge acquisition, but in terms of process skills and competences … Continue reading

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Technology-Led Learning and Shifting Learning Paradigms

Some of the potential for linking learning technologies to better learning outcomes is explored in this infographic. Based on my experience of working with teachers in the introduction of new … Continue reading

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The Effect of Culture on Educational Performance (3) | Times Higher Education

I was much taken by the statement by the German education ministry regarding the abolition of tuition fees for university courses. The Minister claimed “We don’t want our¬†economic future decided … Continue reading

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The Effect of Culture on Educational Performance (2) | The Washington Post

Paralleling the BBC report on the effect of culture on educational performance is this report from the Washington Post which demonstrates how culture, or in one dimension what we will … Continue reading

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The Eagle Has Landed – NASA Launches Free Sound Library | BBC News

Historical audio from NASA missions has been uploaded to a free sound library. More than 60 samples have been added to the agency’s new dedicated Soundcloud account, but listeners are … Continue reading

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The Effect of Culture on Educational Performance (1) | BBC News

I’m grateful to my collaborator for bringing this news article about an issue which is close to my heart to my attention… The effects of culture on educational performance, in … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Animated Presentation – Some Useful Tools

Regular readers will know that I am a great fan of using multi-media as a basis of presentations, such as those provided by the RSA Animate series of talks in … Continue reading

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Assessment: New Paradigms for Learning

I’m not sure I am content with the titles authentic and traditional forms of assessment, but this certainly triggers some in interesting debating points… Source: Making the Grade – The … Continue reading

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Doctor Who’s New Web Game Aims to Teach Children Programming Skills |

The free web game is aimed at 6-12 year-olds, and involves freeing a battered Dalek from a ship of Cybermen, then building it back up to full strength through puzzles … Continue reading

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Children’s Society Commission on Young People’s Futures in Birmingham

In the world of government and politics “a strategic view” is often one which extends no further than the life of a single Parliament. Given that, it has been a … Continue reading

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Online Homework and Social Media Pose Parental Dilemma | BBC News

“Parents feel unable to make children study by blocking internet access, as homework often requires online research, a survey suggests. Some 63%, of 2,000 UK parents polled said confiscating smartphones … Continue reading

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Why do Chinese pupils do so well in school tests? | BBC News

A study from the Institute of Education has examined why these children of Chinese migrants are so high-achieving.¬†It examined Australian schools, where 15-year olds from Chinese families are the equivalent … Continue reading

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Assessment Without Levels. Is it Possible?

Originally posted on ace-d:
The flux in education in UK at the moment is all about levels. The lack of levels, the change of levels, the validity of levels or…

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Posters from Critical Thinking Asylum on Behance

Find more posters at Behance: Critical Thinking Posters Follow Critical Thinking Asylum on WordPress

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Teaching Resources on Pinterest

Definitely worth book-marking… this Pinterest board was created by Emmy Gilliam, and now has more than 12.000 followers. Teaching Resources on Pinterest

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Learning Styles Insights

Some interesting insights on Learning Styles based on Gardner’s work… Source: Understanding Three Different Learning Styles | Sylvan Learning Blog Via ETML: New Interesting Visual on Learning Styles and Study … Continue reading

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Thinking Systematically – Interrogating Sources of Information

There will be generations of students I’ve taught groaning when they read this post… this must rank with my vicious circles as a strategy to have learners think systematically… Via … Continue reading

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