The Learning Renaissance

Improving Reading Speed, Accuracy and Recall

As the ability to read and absorb information at a high sustained rate remains a key skill, I’m always amazed that schools don’t invest more in developing effective reading techniques, … Continue reading

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NASA Image Library

By their nature, few images can compete with images gleaned by NASA of our planet, our solar system and beyond. Their Facebook page is a good place to start exploring, … Continue reading

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Some Dimensions of Critical Thinking

Areas of assessment are a key element in determining new directions for learning. Until you change assessment, you cannot change the direction of learning. To this end this infographic is … Continue reading

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What if there was a simple way of enabling learners to be the best they could be?

Originally posted on ace-d:
It’s the Holy Grail in teaching, to ensure all learners reach their potential, and we have tried all manner of ways to find it. What if…

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I’m Agog! New Directions in Learning

Time was when it was sufficient to study an ‘ology’ to garner intellectual respect. In education the movement is towards a ‘gogy’. When the dominant purpose of education was seen to … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the ‘What’ to the ‘How’ of Learning

I’ve always been interested in theories which try to explain the ‘how’ of learning rather than the subject content alone. I used to have a certain notoriety with students regarding … Continue reading

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Video Lesson Resources from TED-Ed

Came across these really well executed science explanations today, from those creative people at TED-Ed… For links to the entire Ted-Ed collection: Getting Under Our Skin Series | TED-Ed  

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