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The Crises of Capitalism and Forging a New Future

I wasn’t the first to spot it, but there certainly seems to be a coalescence of thought that sees in current events, the last gasps of the capitalist system which has guided the world for the last two hundred years. Commentators from all points in the political spectrum are seeing capitalism as increasingly dysfunctional to a sustainable future for the planet…

In this short RSA Animate, Marxist geographer David Harvey asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism, towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that could be responsible, just and humane?

You can watch and download this video from the RSA website: The Crises of Capitalism | RSA Animate

View his full RSA lecture here:

Source: The Crises of Capitalism | RSA Events

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I'm convinced we can, as a species, do much better than this if we set our minds to being much more positive and productive towards our fellow humans. The solution is learning - creating independent and autonomous learners who can problem solve, innovate and create a better more equitable and sustainable world. My books, Future Proof Your School and Re-Examining Success together with this blog, explore how better learning outcomes for all can be achieved.

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