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NASA TV – a Great Resource for Educators

Following up on the STEM agenda, here is a link to NASA TV, which broadcasts all NASA developments, including the International Space Station… NASA Television | NASA

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Visualising Comparative History

I’m always engaged with different ways to visualise History, so this graphical representation really sparked my interest. We tend to compartmentalise history by nationality or dominant culture so to have … Continue reading

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On Personalised Learning

Certainly throughout my thirty five year teaching career one of the key aspirations has been that of ‘Personalised’ Learning. It has been notoriously difficult to pin down exactly what personalisation … Continue reading

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Technology in Education… Worth the Bother?

Some characteristically provocative thoughts from my erstwhile colleague in the Building Schools for the Future programme, Dom Norrish… Rob was having a significant impact on the lives of children in … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Everyone is a Genius

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The Power of Post-It Notes | Edutopia

“I also started thinking that perhaps one fault of technology is that it brings the world to the student, rather than spurring the student to get up out the chair … Continue reading

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A Mass Online Open Course (MOOC) Taster Course

I blogged some weeks ago about the phenomena known as MOOCs – Mass Online Open Courses. This is certainly an innovation worth following as it represents universities throughout the world … Continue reading

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UK Maths Challenge from National Numeracy

We have been having the habitual debate in our house about functional maths and the best way to promote it (I know we like to live life on the edge … Continue reading

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Four Basic Writing Principles You Can Use in Everyday Life

Writing starts way before you put letters to a page. It involves processes like critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Even if writing feels like pulling teeth, you can apply the … Continue reading

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How to Use Wild Hog Questions in the Classroom | Edutopia

  Keeping all your students engaged is not always easy. Try this teacher-created questioning method for inspiration: How to Use Wild Hog Questions in the Classroom | Edutopia

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Thought For The Day: BB King on Learning

Some gracious thoughts from the legend that is BB King…

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Promoting Creativity in the Young

A recent report from Rhodes College in the US has suggested that your choice of toys might have an impact on the development of creativity in your child. I considered … Continue reading

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NASA Mission to Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Good to see some NASA energy devoted to exploring Europa. Could prove to be a very interesting place… NASA’s Europa Mission to Hunt Down Life’s Niches : Discovery News.

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Repurposing Online Images for Teaching

When I first started teaching in 1980, the height of information technology was a device called a Banda Machine. This involved making a master copy of a written resource on … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: What is Impossible?

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” – Dr Robert Hutchings Goddard

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Michelle Ham: Former NASA Astronaut Trainer and Space Educator

Michelle has a long career spent in applied science from her time as a NASA Astronaut trainer to a wider STEM ambassador and educator. I had the pleasure of working … Continue reading

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NASA Biographies – Astronaut Profiles

For those looking to explore the human side of the Space Programme, or even those keen to understand how to become an astronaut, the NASA biographies are very informative. Every … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Space as an Educational Theme – the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Having grown up in the sixties, space exploration was at its zenith and television meant that through NASA and UK-based programmes like Tomorrow’s World and the Sky at Night, we … Continue reading

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NASA Science Technology, Engineering and Maths Resources

NASA takes very seriously its mission to educate and the quality of its resources are a veritable goldmine for educators and autonomous students. Here is a good example of some … Continue reading

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Music, Inclusiveness and Connected Learning

One of the best things about social media is in making connections with talented individuals who you would never have found through any other communication channels. For me one of … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation – Some Implications for Educators

An interesting and timely post for educators about Digital Transformation from my Australian colleague Mal Lee… Digital Transformation of Businesses – and Schooling | Mal Lee | LinkedIn

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Falling Educational Standards… Again. The Toxic Legacy of Gove.

What I have to say relates to my experience of the English educational system, but I understand from colleagues and friends in different countries and continents that elements of this … Continue reading

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STEAM not STEM, Or the Decisive Role of the Arts in Learning

Having done quite a bit to promote the STEM agenda (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) recently, I changed tack last week to support the role of the Arts in the … Continue reading

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