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Thought For The Day: Arts for Everyone

“The arts are not a luxury. They are as crucial to our well-being, to our very existence, as eating and breathing. Access to them should not be restricted to a … Continue reading

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Finland to Abandon Teaching in Subjects in Favour of a Topic-based Approach

Regular readers will know of my regular rants against a school curriculum based on subject knowledge as the way we need to deploy our learning requires a much more broad … Continue reading

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Germany Abolishes Tuition Fees for Higher Education: The How and Why |

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog the move by Germany to abolish tuition fees within Higher Education. The crux of their reasoning behind this is twofold. Firstly, they recognise that … Continue reading

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Collaborative Learning in Music – Get With The Team

Originally posted on Captivate Your Music Students 🙂:
Welcome to the first post for 2015.  In this post, I would like to examine and explore the reasons that we play music…

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GCSEs and A-level Subjects Culled by Ofqual | BBC News

The often-maligned subject, media studies, has survived a cull of A-level subjects as England’s qualifications watchdog moves to toughen examinations. Ofqual is scrapping home economics, citizenship studies and communication and … Continue reading

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Space Images for Educators – the Hubble Telescope

Following on from my earlier post about NASA resources for educators, I thought this site which deals specifically with images generated from the Hubble Telescope would be of interest… Find … Continue reading

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The Revolution That’s Changing the Way Your Child is Taught | The Guardian

A thought-provoking view of the role of the teacher in the modern classroom. Thanks to Phil Rooke for drawing this article to our attention. I suppose the question is… are … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: For Books Lovers…

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Shakespeare Quotes Poster from Cambridge University Press

A free, themed classroom poster each month from Cambridge University Press. Pin and print for use in your classroom! Classroom Posters on Pinterest | Cambridge University Press

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Labour Party Pledges More Autonomy for Education Professionals if Elected…

An interesting article outlining Labour proposals for giving some autonomy back to teachers in the profession. Quite refreshing to read, but it would mean turning back a massive tide of … Continue reading

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Education in the Digital Era Conference | Open Education Europa

It is always gratifying to know that there are people and organisations looking to the future with a positive mindset. Such is the case in the Open Education Europa organisation, … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0?

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Learning Trends: Maturing Learning for Maturing Learners

It is a golden time to be a learner of any age. Although the pace of technological change is accelerating to almost a blur, it has opened up new learning … Continue reading

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Space in the News, and in Our Thoughts

After a week when space is in the news and there are a number of astronomical events I thought this picture might be of interest. Hearing Buzz Aldrin talk reminded me … Continue reading

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Feng Shui for Primary Learning

The discovery, news, supplies, community, quiet, teacher, and subject area zones will help you establish routines, save time, and maintain your sanity from the first through the last days of … Continue reading

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A Profile of the Modern Learner

I found this infographic very interesting in representing the way that modern learners interact with the internet and how it might be considered to have eroded their ability to focus … Continue reading

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New Learning Technologies: The Accelerating Differences Between Schools, as seen by Mal Lee

Two people whose view of the way in which new learning technology is reshaping learning are Roger Broadie and Mal Lee, so I read this post from Mal with some … Continue reading

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eReading – The Equivalent of Reading a ‘Real’ Book?

I’m something of a sceptic when it comes to eReaders. I don’t have that much experience of them to be honest, but the beautiful functionality of them does not seem … Continue reading

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Why Storytelling?

This infographic explains the importance of storytelling and the use of public narrative. Quote by Marshall Ganz, taken from Storytelling & Social Change – A Strategy Guide (2013), by Paul … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling

Following our earlier post on the power of storytelling, we’ve discovered a delightful gallery of images illustrating Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling. View them all here: Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling by … Continue reading

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Seven Ways in Which Stories Power Learning | Clive Shepherd on LinkedIn

I was very taken with an article by Clive Shepherd that appeared on LinkedIn regarding stories powering learning. Storytelling is a well-proven way of embedding learning as a story provides … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Integrity is Everything

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Autism and Learning

The term Autism is used quite loosely in general speech to describe learning behaviours which appear different to the mainstream. I must admit that my current work with adults with … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Test of Progress

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Re-imagining Work and Learning

Although I don’t fully subscribe to the utilitarian notion that the purpose of education is to prepare the next generation for work, it remains a significant consideration in the minds … Continue reading

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Seven Big Myths about Top-Performing School Systems | BBC News

The man in charge of the Pisa tests, Andreas Schleicher, says the evidence from around the world reveals some big myths about what makes for a successful education system. Read … Continue reading

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Science ‘squeezed out of primary schools’ | BBC News

Science is being squeezed out of English primary schools, with a third not providing the recommended two hours of teaching a week, research suggests. The Confederation of British Industry study … Continue reading

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Clever Girls Lack Confidence in Science and Maths | BBC News

Girls still lack confidence in pursuing high-paid careers in science and technology, even when their school results are as good or better than boys, says an international study. The OECD … Continue reading

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Teachers ‘give higher marks to girls’ | BBC News

An OECD report on gender in education, across more than 60 countries, found that girls receive higher marks compared with boys of the same ability. Researchers suggest girls are better … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Meaning of Leadership


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