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Rosie King on Autism

When she was nine years old, doctors confirmed Rosie King’s self-diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. With two younger siblings severely affected by autism, Rosie had a burning desire to help make the world a more tolerant place for people with autism ever since she was a young girl.

Rosie’s lack of inhibition made her a natural presenter, and she was asked to host CBBC Newsround’s special My Autism and Me, bringing her a much wider audience and winning RTS and Emmy Kids Awards.

You can view the entire RTS award-winning My Autism and Me on the BBC website: My Autism and Me – a Newsround Special | CBBC Newsround, and take a look behind the scenes here: Rosie, 13, Talks About Living With Autism | CBBC Newsround

Rosie subsequently featured in the BBC’s Horizon documentary, Living With Autism:

BBC programme page: Horizon 2013-14, Living with Autism

Then in 2014, aged 16, Rosie King presented for TED Talks:

Source: Rosie King: How Autism Freed Me to be Myself |

For further information and help on young people with autism, visit the BBC website: Guide: What is Autism? and here: Are You Affected by Autism? | CBBC Newsround

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