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Teaching Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking |


Critical thinking is a skill that young minds will undeniably need and exercise well beyond their school years. Experts agree that in keeping up with the ever-changing technological advances, students will need to obtain, understand, and analyze information on a much more efficient scale. It is our job as educators to equip our students with the strategies and skills they need to think critically in order to cope with these tech problems and obstacles they face elsewhere. Fortunately, teachers can use a number of techniques that can help students learn critical thinking, even for children enrolled in kindergarten. Here are some teaching strategies that may prove immediately effective.

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3 comments on “Teaching Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking |

  1. Fashionable Librarian
    April 22, 2015

    This skill is so needed and so lacking. Thanks for sharing

  2. Alexander
    April 22, 2015

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  3. jelmak1234
    April 24, 2015

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