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Teacher Crisis

This article from the Independent gives some insights into the current feelings of a large numbers of teachers in UK schools. It follows on from reports of large numbers of teachers, having completed their professional teacher training, leaving the profession in their first or subsequent years of teaching.

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Clearly a system which seeks, through a quality control mechanism, to make so many students feel like failures at the end of the statutory education period, is also having a detrimental effect on the working lives and morale of teachers.

Much could be done to alleviate this situation, not least by replacing the external quality control mechanism of OFSTED with a system by which the profession developed the skills, attitudes and behaviours to make self-regulation the best guarantor that every child would receive the quality of education required to enable them to maximise their potential…

Read more: Teaching profession headed for crisis as numbers continue to drop and working lives becomes unbearable | The Independent


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  1. Paul Champion
    May 6, 2015

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