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Thought For The Day: The Value of Nature

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Planning a Career – the Key Dimensions

I found this an inspirational way to plan a career… which I’d had it in front of me when I was setting out. I’ve managed to have 2,3 and all … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship – An Online Code of Conduct and Ethics

It never ceases to amaze me how few people recognise that the rule of law extends to the digital world and that it is not an open space to sound … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Balancing Science and Humanities (with apologies to Jurassic Park!)


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21st Century Pedagogy

Nothing if not consistent, the Learning Renaissance believes that a fundamental shift in the way we approach learning can have tremendous benefits for all learners, and through them for the … Continue reading

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Blended Learning: How Can Online Technology be Integrated into the Learning Diet of Students?

This infographic, based on US experience, explores a range of models of blended learning. The blended element involves how far online technology is used in the learning programme. As well as being … Continue reading

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21st Century Classroom | e-Learning Infographics

Source: 21st Century Educational Technology Classroom | e-Learning Infographics

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21st Century Learning Environments

For new teachers, this resource compilation by Edutopia includes tips and guides on classroom design and layout to help maximize the possibilities of the learning environment. Read more here: New … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Power of Determination


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The Six Cs Underpinning Effective 21st Century Learning

… and not one of them starts from prescribed curriculum content! Redefining learning as the development of attitudes, behaviours and competences allows for the development of a curriculum defined as skills … Continue reading

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Addressing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with Technology

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
A major criticism I have of most educational institutions is that their primary focus is on students’ intellectual and cognitive development.  Too often individual…

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Illusterate or Being Graphically Competent… Thoughts of the New Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell

A week or so ago I recalled an INSET day presentation given by artist and gentleman, David Close, at Swavesey Village College over thirty years ago. In it he argued … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships to receive legal protection | BBC News

The government plans to legally protect apprenticeships, so the term cannot be abused. Under the plans, unauthorised use of the term would be illegal, as is already the case for … Continue reading

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Projects and Purposeful Project-Based Learning

There is a common popular misconception that project-based learning lacks rigour and challenge. This is because there is misunderstanding of the methodology, assessment focus and engagement for learners engaged in … Continue reading

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Fewer children offered first choice of secondary school | BBC News

Fewer 11-year-olds have been offered their first choice of secondary school in England compared with last year. This year, 84.2% of applicants were offered a first-choice place, down from 85.2% … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Hearts and Minds


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Educational Technology… Not the Universal Panacea

I found this article a useful counterblast to those who see the application of technology per se as the answer to raising educational standards… IWBs are expensive and need extensive … Continue reading

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology | The Edvocate

This article on The Edvocate website certainly accords with my experience of problems encountered in schools when bringing in new learning technologies… Education is all about purpose. Integrating technologies into … Continue reading

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What Teachers Want from Educational Technology Tools | e-Learning Infographics

This infographic summarises the response of US teachers to the need to develop digital literacy. It provides some insights into implementation issues in your own schools.. It has been my … Continue reading

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The Purposeful Use of Technology in the Classroom

I think this might be over-egging the pudding in its assertions as there are limits to how well the technology can be used which reside outside the control of the … Continue reading

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Teacher Confidence in Learning Technologies – The Journey

Having struggled myself, and taken teachers, students and adults with learning disabilities on this journey, I found this an interesting insight. I used to tell teachers that they would know when … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Involve Me and I Learn

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Critical Habits of Mentally Tough People | Dr Travis Bradberry | LinkedIn

Resilience is a term increasingly used to describe the attitude and behaviour required to survive and thrive in the changing world. This article from Travis Bradberry outlines the habits of … Continue reading

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Gaming and Its Role in 21st Century Learning

One area where new learning technologies is have a great impact on learning outcomes is in the field of gaming. We all appreciate how much time young people today spend … Continue reading

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Ice Cores, Climate Change and the Future

This is a great video from my old school friend Gareth James, who spends a considerable amount of his time at Swansea University exploring ice cores to see what they … Continue reading

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Part 3: What if everything we thought we knew about learning was wrong?

Originally posted on ace-d:
So far I have suggested that we have lost sight of the foundations of teaching and learning and that the practices of science, those of theories…

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Project-Based Learning in Mathematics

Stumbled on this very useful Maths website and lo and behold, a key feature is the promotion of project-based learning… Source: 21st Century Skills | GAHS-Math

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Mathematics to Inspire, by TED

It has always surprised me how people would feel ashamed if they believed their literacy skills were below par, but almost revel in their ‘issues’ with Maths and an inability to do … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Keep Learning, Stay Young

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A Periodic Table of Digital Literacies

A periodic table of digital literacies compiled based on Dr Doug Belshaw’s work. A useful discussion point for CPD activities… Source: Another Mondor Blog | My First Attempt to Define … Continue reading

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