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Gaming and Its Role in 21st Century Learning

One area where new learning technologies is have a great impact on learning outcomes is in the field of gaming.

We all appreciate how much time young people today spend in front of computer screens, be they gaming machines or their mobile phones, but what learning is going on there?

Well, they are being challenged through a number of senses and they are able to interact with the games to influence outcomes. Both these elements make games-based activity a significant platform to embed learning.

This should not come as a surprise, as game-based learning is well established as a cost-effective way of developing staff in industry. Probably the most established area is in pilot training where the quality of ground based simulators is so high, a significant proportion of pilot training takes place on the ground. The initial cost of the simulator is very high though and that has tended to make it prohibitively expensive to apply such technologies to learning. Changes in the costs of platforms and the larger numbers of people able to access games, therefore the market value is making serious games more affordable for education.

This infographic outlines the potential of games to embed learning by the power to engage and interact with learners, encouraging them to remember and develop strategies for more effective learning retention…

How We Learn Neil Beyersdorf

Source: How We Learn | Neil Beyersdorf


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One comment on “Gaming and Its Role in 21st Century Learning

  1. 4c3d
    June 15, 2015

    Having explored the concept of “gamification” of learning I have to say that their is little difference between the needs of the learner in any learning environment and games are just another environment. Often it just comes down to how compliant a learner is as to how they engage in the learning. I believe we do not have to so much change the environment but instead prepare the learner for the environment. A bit like wearing a coat when feeling cold instead of warming up the entire world! I have begun to unpick some of these issues in my current set of articles “What if everything we thought we knew about learning was wrong” (link to part 1: ) Part 3 contains a TEDx talk by Ben Betts and gamification worth watching.


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