The Learning Renaissance

The Six Cs Underpinning Effective 21st Century Learning

… and not one of them starts from prescribed curriculum content!

Redefining learning as the development of attitudes, behaviours and competences allows for the development of a curriculum defined as skills based, relevant and engaging.

The way such a curriculum would be built would involve Project Based learning which gives students the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills to the test in a real world and practical context which impacts on their community.

Assessment in such a model would involve the student maintaining a learning development log and subjecting themselves to self and peer assessment against an ipsative model. That is, the assessments are designed to continuously improve personal best performance, just as an athlete approaches their training regime, rather than meeting some external and arbitrary criteria in each subject.

The resulting students would be agile thinkers and problem solvers with clear communication skills, a team ethos and a achievement orientated disposition when applying their learning to the solutions to new problems.

Finland is probably furthest along the line of development of this model, and Finland, by no coincidence, also tops the OECD tables of international learning effectiveness. The other context in which I have practical experience of this approach deployed has been in the training of NASA astronauts.

This infographic pulls these strands together in a coherent whole…
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The 6 Cs of Education for the 21st Century | Infogram, charts & infographics

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I'm convinced we can, as a species, do much better than this if we set our minds to being much more positive and productive towards our fellow humans. The solution is learning - creating independent and autonomous learners who can problem solve, innovate and create a better more equitable and sustainable world.

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