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White Slavery – The Export of the Irish Across the Atlantic

As an appendix to the animation of black slavery across the Atlantic, here is an article on the export of Irish labour to the new world… England continued to ship tens … Continue reading

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Slavery – A Stunning Animation Exploring the Atlantic Slave Trade

This simulation in animated form charts every ship that crossed the Atlantic bringing slaves. For me, this represents a great use of technology to bring teaching to life. As well … Continue reading

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Peeking into the brain’s filing system | BBC News

By getting people to learn and remember imaginary scenarios while inside a brain scanner, Dr Aidan Horner and his colleagues at University College London collected the first firm evidence for … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Ernest Hemingway on Nobility

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The National Curriculum Revisited

It is 27 years since the National Curriculum was enacted by Kenneth Baker. It was, rightly or wrongly, a bold move to codify the content that should be placed before … Continue reading

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Part 4: What if everything we thought we knew about learning was wrong?

Originally posted on ace-d:
What are the influences of the industrial and technological revolutions on education? Another way of looking at this question is, “Are we doing what we should…

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Exam focus damaging pupils’ mental health, says NUT | BBC News

The National Union of Teachers’ report says pupils are developing stress-related conditions linked to testing. Based on a survey of 8,000 teachers and a review of research, the report says … Continue reading

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Rise in school teacher vacancies in England | BBC News

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt said ministers were set to miss recruitment targets for a fourth consecutive year, including in crucial subject areas such as maths and physics. “This is … Continue reading

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Reading Recovery: Celebrating Success

Originally posted on IOE LONDON BLOG:
Janet Smith.  “Reading has given you a golden ticket for the rest of your lives!”. These are the words the President and Provost of…

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Design Made Easy – Canva

Looking for a web-based tool to create your own great-looking graphics? Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for web or print: … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Muhammad Ali – No Pain, No Gain

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Water: A Suitable Thematic Exploration

Professor Darleana MacHenry of St Carries Center in the United States conducts collaborations with school and university age students in Africa and when looking for a universal theme for international … Continue reading

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