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World War Two – The Casualties in Graphics, from Upworthy

It is often very difficult to appreciate the magnitude of the misery and death caused by World War Two. As Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy. A million is … Continue reading

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Primary pupils’ results edge upwards | BBC News

The performance of children in England in tests at the end of primary school has edged upwards, the government has announced. More pupils than ever have achieved the literacy and … Continue reading

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More graduates in work, suggests survey | BBC News

More UK graduates are in work than at any time since the recession, new figures suggest. Researchers asked almost 82,000 people who graduated in 2011 about their occupations in November … Continue reading

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Educational Change Management for Beginners

I came across this useful little chart for planning a cultural change in an educational environment. It has much to commend it in its scope and simplicity… Source: @TeacherToolkit Blog

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Thought For The Day: The Literal Power of Books

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The Effects of Poverty on Learning

An interesting article from Science Daily on US studies on the effects of poverty on young learners. This makes for disturbing reading: Low-income children have irregular brain development and lower … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Language

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Prisoner literacy levels: a worrying lack of statistics

Originally posted on IOE LONDON BLOG:
Brian Creese. NRDC (National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy)  ‘When I learned to read at the age of 16 I suddenly…

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What are the lessons of this year’s A-levels? | BBC News

This year it will be hard to throw accusations of ‘grade inflation’ or slipping standards because the results are almost exactly the same as last year. ‘Stability’, this year’s watchword … Continue reading

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Chemio – A Student’s Chemical Reference

Chemio is an interactive app exploring the Periodic Table… Download the Chemio app in iTunes for £1.49, or Chemio Lite for free. Via ETML: A Great Interactive Periodic Table for … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Childhood Reading

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Reaching the parts others cannot teach | BBC News

It’s easy to take online learning for granted, whether it’s finding how to do something on YouTube or following a free online course from a university. When educationalists write about … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Ubuntu – The Way of the Future

The antidote to materialism…

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New York Ballet shows the way with children with learning disabilities…

My work with Reach ( has amply demonstrated how underestimated is the potential of individuals with learning disabilities. Congratulations for the New York Ballet for showing the way…

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Recreating History – CGI, drama and history

A recent episode of the detective drama Ripper Street artfully reconstructed a nineteenth century rail accident in the east end of London, using a combination of real locomotives, models and CGI. … Continue reading

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England’s children ‘less free to play out’ | BBC News

Anxious parents in England give their children less freedom to play and go outside than those in many other European countries, research suggests. England was ranked seventh for child independence … Continue reading

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Increase in university students ‘working to fund studies’ | BBC News

The number of university students working to help fund their studies has risen sharply, a survey has found. About 77% of students work, up from 59% last year, the study … Continue reading

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Exam results: It was different in my day… | BBC News

A-level results day has become an event in its own right, with a social media frenzy and its own annual rituals, embedded in the 24-hour news culture. But it hasn’t … Continue reading

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Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy

I used to teach a History of Medicine course as part of the UK School Council History Project. Within it I would cover the work of Leonardo Da Vinci in … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Reading

“I’ve never known any trouble that an hour’s reading didn’t assuage.” – Charles de Secondat

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Hear the Very First Adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984, starring David Niven (1949) | Open Culture

David Niven stars in this first radio production of George Orwells’ novel; Nineteen Eighty-Four. The story of Winston Smith and his struggles with life in a future totalitarian nation of … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Career Responsibility

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What is education for? Gibb’s list misses a key dimension

Originally posted on IOE LONDON BLOG:
John White. Nick Gibb, the Schools Minister, addressed the Education Reform Summit earlier this month on the purposes of education.  He said there are three. “Education…

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Privately educated graduates ‘earn more’ than state school colleagues | BBC News

Privately educated UK graduates in high status jobs earn more than their state school counterparts, says a study. The report, by the Sutton Trust and UpReach, examined those in careers … Continue reading

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New Teachers: A Primer on Assessment | Edutopia

In this comprehensive guide for new teachers from Edutopia, learn about different types of assessment and how they can be used to provide feedback to learners and inform instruction. View … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Incomparable

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A virtual tour of the International Space Station

Courtesy of our friends at NASA, a virtual tour of the International Space Station… Click through to view: ISS Virtual Tour 0.8

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Digital Learning – Taking Stock

It can sometimes be difficult to see a road map of digital learning because the technologies often obscure the learning processes. This report from Mindshift represents a useful aide mémoire for … Continue reading

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Learning Without Teachers – The Work of Sugata Mitra

Sugata Mitra, an education professor at Newcastle University first shot to prominence when he embedded some computer screens and keyboards into the walls of villages in remote areas of India. … Continue reading

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Internet learning boosts performance by seven years, Sugata Mitra study finds

Pupils can perform at more than seven years above their expected academic level by using the internet, a pioneering study has concluded. Professor Sugata Mitra found that eight- and nine-year-olds … Continue reading

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