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New Teachers: A Primer on Assessment | Edutopia

cronin-rr-new-teachers-assessment-bigIn this comprehensive guide for new teachers from Edutopia, learn about different types of assessment and how they can be used to provide feedback to learners and inform instruction.

View the full list of links and information here: New Teachers: A Primer on Assessment | Edutopia


2 comments on “New Teachers: A Primer on Assessment | Edutopia

  1. Jordan Davis
    September 20, 2015

    Thank you for providing the great video resource!!! I really enjoyed being reminded of the many ways in which we need to create more authentic assessments of students’ learning. I feel like this is an area that I am continuing to grow in consistency and being able to give students’ constant feedback to apply immediately. My goal for this week is to include a daily self-reflection at the end of the class period each day to help close my lessons and have students evaluate their own learning. A long-term goal this year is to use more authentic real-life performance assessments like portfolios, projects, learning exhibits, and even self-assessment trackers to journal. Thank you so much for providing additional links to help guide the planning and implementation of this process!!! Great resource to recommend to others!!!

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