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William Shakespeare: Anniversary project set for global stage | BBC News

The 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare next year will be marked by a major global cultural and educational project in 140 countries. Read more on the BBC … Continue reading

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How do you use the LEGO brick to teach Literacy?

Our third and final LEGO Education UK post of the day.

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News, updates and insights from LEGO Education UK

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LEGO Education for Primary Schools – StoryStarter

LEGO® Education StoryStarter is the helping hand that kick-starts pupils’ creativity and boosts their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at Key Stages 1 and 2. Pupils work together to … Continue reading

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Feedback or Feedforward?

Originally posted on ace-d:
A couple of years ago I was sharing some of my ideas about LQ with a colleague and friend in the Netherlands when she offered me…

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Thought For The Day: Building for the Future

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Establishing a Culture of Student Voice, by John McCarthy

In new and more participative learning models the student is not a passive element in the process but reflects and indeed helps self-assure and regulate the learning environment. The formalised … Continue reading

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The millionaire couple who could teach you a thing or two | BBC News

“The future is about blending,” she says. “Our online learning courses are traditional, computer-based courses, as you would expect, but we have what we call walk-in clinics. So if someone … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: An Oldie But Goodie!

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Larry Ferlazzo on Discipline, Self-Discipline and Creating a Positive Classroom for Learning

There is much confusion about what constitutes a positive classroom environment and what purpose it is meant to serve. For some, it represents a one way channel by which the … Continue reading

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The Coastline Film Festival – Community Film Making Celebration

I’ve been really fortunate, through my books set in North Wales, to have been involved in a community film project / oral history project which explores my home town of … Continue reading

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Per pupil spending ‘to fall by 8%’ | BBC News

Spending per pupil in schools in England is likely to fall by 8% in real terms over the next five years, the Institute for Fiscal Studies warns.It argues that school … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships expansion ‘devaluing brand’ | BBC News

The push to create apprenticeships fast has devalued their brand, with low level skills such as coffee-making being accredited, Ofsted has said. Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw says some learners … Continue reading

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How to survive your school trip | CBBC

Something to share with any class about to embark on an outing. School trips can be amazing if you do them right. Here are a few tips to make sure … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Teachers Who Love Teaching

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Inquiry-Based Learning – A Useful Exemplar

Having students take more responsibility for the format and structure of their learning is at the heart of stretching them to reach their individual potential. This case study shows what … Continue reading

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More than 12 million fall into UK digital skills gap | BBC News

Over 12 million people, and a million small businesses in the UK do not have the skills to prosper in the digital era. That is the warning from Go.On UK, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: You Can Do Anything

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Bullying Behaviour – What Neuroscience Can Teach Us

One of the things of which I was most proud from my time in senior leadership in an inner city school was some lateral thinking applied to bullying behaviour. I … Continue reading

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Many teenagers ‘unhappy by the time they leave school’ | BBC News

Many UK children have become less confident about succeeding in life by the time they leave school, a report says. The study by think-tank Demos says some pupils feel school … Continue reading

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Call to reinstate work experience in England’s schools | BBC News

Ministers should reinstate compulsory work experience for pupils in English schools, business leaders have urged. Some 82% of more than 3,000 bosses polled by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) … Continue reading

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School uniform prices raised by supplier contracts, says CMA | BBC News

The cost of school uniforms has risen by up to £10 an item owing to the use of exclusive suppliers, according to the UK’s competition authority. School governors must ensure … Continue reading

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First ‘new’ grammar school in 50 years | BBC News

England is to get its first ‘new’ grammar school for five decades after ministers allowed a grammar school to build an “annexe” in another town. Weald of Kent school in … Continue reading

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Learning Quotient

Originally posted on ace-d:
The skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours you need to take control of your own learning environment. There is a truth in education, we believe in “ability“,…

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Thought For The Day: A Sense of Mission

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An Overview of the Failures in US Education: Does This Resonate With Your Experience?

This review of the perceived failures in the US education system makes the case that it was designed for the last century and is increasingly our of step with the … Continue reading

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New wave of super-size secondary schools planned | BBC News

Councils across England are planning a new wave of ‘super-size’ secondary schools of between 12 and 16 form groups for each year, a report says. At least 17 local councils … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker In organisational change terms, without an understanding of the cultural drivers of the institution, leadership will gravitate to strategic and tactical decision … Continue reading

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Balancing Learning: Turning STEM into STEAM

When looking to the skills required of the future, there is an understandable emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These subjects promote many of the key skills the future … Continue reading

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Tablet computers ‘widely used by under-fives’ | BBC News

In families which own tablet computers, almost a third of children aged under five have their own device, according to a study by the universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh. Children … Continue reading

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