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Attitude – the Foundation of Learning Success

Having committed to a future learning model which embraces Attitudes, Behaviours and Competences, it is good to see others coming to a similar conclusion… Thank you Randstad Education!    

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Big is beautiful for merging universities | BBC News

A wave of merger mania is hitting European universities as they aim to pack a bigger global punch. Almost 100 mergers have taken place since the beginning of the century. … Continue reading

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More unqualified teachers taking lessons, suggests research | BBC News

More than one in 10 schools in England are using more unqualified teachers to take lessons in response to growing teacher shortages, research suggests. The Times Education Supplement (TES) says … Continue reading

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Educational Theories Explored – An Index of the Most Influential Theories Informing Learning Design

Without a coherent and consistent theory to underpin learning, you risk each lesson or learning episode becoming a stand alone and random opportunity. Our friends at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have referred … Continue reading

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Florida Teacher Starts Each Day Complimenting Students One by One | ABC News

In Chris Ulmer’s classroom, the day starts off with 10 minutes of compliments. In a video posted to Facebook, Ulmer takes the time to pay several compliments to each and every one … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Be Here Now

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International Space Station FB page

This is a great link to the Facebook page of the International Space Station – wonders performed daily – and many with live TV links or pictures associated with them … Continue reading

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Spending Review – Schools to get ‘fair funding’ formula | BBC News

Plans to redress differences in school funding across England are expected to be outlined in the Autumn Statement. Change will begin in 2017-18 after consultation on the details, which could … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Learn to Teach

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The Relationship Between Mindset and Outcomes in Learning, from Carol Dweck

In Two Minds The psychology of learning is greatly underestimated in the classroom to our peril. Perhaps it is the headlong rush to master content that limits time for planning … Continue reading

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On the Anniversary of that Fateful Day… JFK

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Percy Bysshe Shelley’s lost poem acquired by Oxford University | BBC News

A pamphlet containing a lost poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley has been purchased by the University of Oxford. Shelley’s Poetical Essay On The Existing State Of Things, will become the … Continue reading

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The 40 Reflection Questions | Edutopia

Whitfield Career Academy’s 21st Century Learning Academy adapted these forty questions from High Tech High to help students reflect on their work during projects – backward, inward, outward, and forward. … Continue reading

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A new, gold-standard design and technology (D&T) GCSE

Originally posted on ace-d:
I am not really sure where to start in commenting about the new “Gold Standard” GCSE Design and Technology subject content. [i]That is not because there…

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Head teachers appeal for funds ahead of Spending Review | BBC News

Head teachers have written to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan expressing their concern over future funding for schools in England. The National Association of Head Teachers claims education is being seen … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Discovery

A quote from Edutopia for all those teacher researchers out there… is there any other kind of teacher?

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Inspiring Learning with Inquiry and Project-Based Learning Processes

Joshua Block wrote this inspiring insight into giving the student more power to discovery how to problem solve in a practical environment: Designing Learning That Matters | Edutopia

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Thought For The Day: MLK on Justice

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Developing world-beating maths teachers ‘to take a decade’ | BBC News

It will take a decade to bring maths teaching in England up to world-beating standards, say subject experts. A report from the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) suggests teachers … Continue reading

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Education as a commodity rather than a public good

One of the most regressive elements in education presently is the idea that learning is just another commodity. Once this is accepted it can be reduced by a managerial outlook … Continue reading

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e-learning: The Impact on Student Learning Outcomes

An interesting presentation from Jonathan Wells regarding the impact on learners of e-learning… Click through to view on Prezi: e-learning that works by Jonathan Wells

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North-south divide mapped in GCSE results | BBC News

This year’s GCSE results in England show few signs of a north-south divide getting any narrower. SchoolDash, an education data firm, has mapped the provisional results from this summer’s exams. … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Poverty

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Standardised Testing: The Bane of Learning

Standardised testing represents the full vent of industrial production processes to the learning experience. To test is to measure so qualitative elements are sacrificed to something that is measurable, whether … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Try Something New

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Integrating Technology into Learning – A Coaching Model

It seems that every time I go to put digits to keyboard with a new blog at the moment, the good guys at Edutopia beat me to it. Here is … Continue reading

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Schools close to funding breaking point, warn heads | BBC News

Nearly two-thirds of school leaders (64%) in England are making significant cuts or dipping in to reserves to fill deficits, a head teachers’ union warns. The National Association of Head … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Simple

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NASA wants people to apply to be astronauts | BBC Newsbeat

NASA has announced it wants people to apply to be astronauts. But don’t get too excited… you have to be a US citizen, so that rules out most of the worldwide … Continue reading

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Francophone Verb Tables from Cambridge University Press

A free, themed classroom poster each month from Cambridge University Press. Pin and print for use in your classroom! Classroom Posters on Pinterest | Cambridge University Press

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