The Learning Renaissance

History Teaching Reformed – The Use of Technology to Deepen the Learning Experience


When I think of my time teaching History I could scarcely imagine the changes that have occurred in the last two decades. To have said to me in 1990 that we would be granted free and unlimited access to historical artefacts and resources would be to cite an impossible dream.

However, such access, granted by technology is not in itself sufficient to enthuse learners. About a decade ago I was involved in a BECTA trial of a new technology called Magic Studio that allowed for the creation of interactive assets. I was really disappointed to find the lack of imagination with which most History teachers embraced the new technology. Most used it to recreate paper-based resources in an electronic medium.

To fully embrace the potential of new learning technologies we need to give greater creative potential to the student to experience resources at a more profound level.

In his recent blog post, Afua Saafir suggests how to shape learning, as opposed to knowledge transfer, through the harnessing of new technologies form a useful starting point for history teachers: Using Technology to bring History Lessons to Life | A Pass Education


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