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A new, gold-standard design and technology (D&T) GCSE


D&T Interim Report

I am not really sure where to start in commenting about the new “Gold Standard” GCSE Design and Technology subject content. [i]That is not because there is little to say, quite the opposite. In fact I want people to be very much aware of what is going on, and what has gone on, in D&T that has led us around in a circle and again with the same drivers but without the same critical resources.

Although we have gone around in a circle returning to where D&T was in 1977 the circle is very much smaller than it was. In 1977 we had CDT, not just an additional letter but an important aspect of design,  “Craft”. It is there again in this version, well the objectives is, but not in the title:

develop a broad knowledge of materials, components and technologies and practical skills to develop high quality…

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