The Learning Renaissance

Ritual and Routine in School


Amid all the looking to the future, it is well worth pausing and considering some of the vital social and emotional elements that schools provide for their students.

Certainly when looking back at my own school days, and reflecting on my time as a teacher, I know the rituals and routines of schools still bring structure and continuity to students.

In those inner city schools in areas of great social deprivation, school provides the one element of routine and structure in a chaotic world for many children. It is very difficult to focus on anything of the future, or on investing in yourself, when the next meal, the temper of your parents or even whether you will have a roof over your head come the evening are your greatest continuing pre-occupation. In such circumstances, school provides a haven of structures normality, as Greg Schnagl illustrates here: Routine, Ritual, and School Community | Edutopia


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