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Get Motivated

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Get motivated – 6 things to do to make sure you get and remain motivated So you have an essay to write, a research paper to…

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Schools ‘must offer apprenticeships option’ | BBC News

Schools in England are to be required to give vocational routes as much time as academic subjects to help students who want to land apprenticeships. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said … Continue reading

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Space Summer School with ISSET

A world class opportunity for school students to join the ISSET Space Summer School in London: More details here: Mission Discovery Download their brochure here: Mission Discovery 2016.pdf  

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Maslow and Engagement in Organisations

I found this infographic via Anne Eadie Tice of GEMS Education an interesting perspective on the motivation and sense of well-being of individuals in organisations…  

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Thought For The Day: Forward Planning

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The Purpose of Education According to Graham Brown-Martin

My online friend Graham Brown-Martin is always good value for money in stirring the learning debate pot, and he started the New Year off with a cracker about the purpose … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: MLK on the Function of Education

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Enquiry-based Learning

We did it when I was in primary school but to hear the dissenting voices, you would think that enquiry-based learning was new, revolutionary and unproven. The desire to give … Continue reading

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World Class STEM at Star City

For those serious about promoting world class Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Programmes, look no further than the offerings of the International Space School Education Trust. I’ve had the pleasure … Continue reading

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Penguin scraps degree requirement | BBC News

Publisher Penguin Random House says job applicants will no longer be required to have a university degree. The firm wants to have a more varied intake of staff and suggests … Continue reading

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Schools ranked by raw GCSE results for last time | BBC News

Schools in England are being judged on the basis of raw GCSE results for the last time, heralding the end of school league tables in their present form. Head teachers … Continue reading

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Human Anatomy Resources

ETML have curated a collection of the most popular apps in for studying anatomy. These apps will particularly help students explore the human body through 3D  graphics and interactive content. (Please note … Continue reading

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 5 | Ac-Ed

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The way forward in overcoming the “one way”  or benefiting from “other ways”. How can learners deal with the one way if schools and teachers are…

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Thought For The Day: The Wisdom of Dr Seuss #1

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20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment | Edutopia

Strategies for a safe, open, and community-focussed classroom environment. Find out more here: 20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment | Edutopia

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Call for more females in the curriculum | BBC News

Women should be more visible across the curriculum, say campaigners who successfully fought plans to leave feminism out of A-level politics. England’s Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced a change of … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: My Kids

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Formative Assessment Tools

I’ve argued before for the adoption of ipsative assessment tools as the way forward in the Learning Renaissance, but perhaps, for those new to the blog, it is worth revisiting … Continue reading

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Fragmented school places system ‘harms education’ | BBC News

The system for creating new school places in England is fragmented, risking harm to children’s education, head teachers have warned. Lack of cohesive local planning means new schools are not … Continue reading

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Girls’ schools a ‘huge disadvantage’, says co-ed head | BBC News

Girls at single-sex schools can achieve top grades but are “at a huge disadvantage” if they leave unable to talk to boys, says a leading head. If girls did not … Continue reading

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3 Google Scholar Tips Every Student Should Know About | ETML

The strength of Scholar lies in the numerous hidden features that are usually overlooked by many students. These features enable you to conduct smart and targeted search queries that can … Continue reading

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Too many schools break admissions rules, says adjudicator | BBC News

Too many schools in England break the rules on admissions arrangements, says the outgoing chief schools adjudicator. Elizabeth Passmore’s final report before retirement complains admissions are too often ‘unnecessarily complex’, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Creating the Future

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Creative Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback for Students | Edutopia

  Students need feedback often and creating a system by rubber-stamping work can provide visible and immediate proof of student progress. This blog post by Ben Johnston has some great … Continue reading

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Teachers survey finds more pupils ‘going to school hungry’ | BBC News

An increasing number of pupils in Scotland are going to school hungry and in some cases are stealing food from classmates, according to teachers. Teaching union the EIS carried out … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: Passion and Stress

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The Monetisation of Learning

In the United Kingdom, and elsewhere from my conversations with colleagues in the UK and Australia, there has been an almost irresistible force towards making learning simply another economic transaction. … Continue reading

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Teacher shortage means pupils travel to other school | BBC News

Pupils in a primary school in Yorkshire will have to travel to another school for part of each day because of difficulties in recruiting a teacher. Easington Primary Academy pupils … Continue reading

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Rising numbers of pupils home educated | BBC News

There has been a 65% increase in children recorded as home educated in the UK over six years. Parents gave reasons including their lifestyle, dissatisfaction or disagreements with local schools, … Continue reading

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