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Preparing for a World We Cannot Envisage – Digital Disruption

Sixteen years ago I was in a linear teaching career. The parameters of what I did on a daily basis were very clear on most days. Since then I’ve had … Continue reading

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Good Schools Guide editor: Better state schools put private sector at risk | BBC News

UK state schools have improved so much that some private schools may go out of business, the Good Schools Guide says.When the guide was first published in 1986, it recommended … Continue reading

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Shelve paperbacks in favour of E-books in schools? | BBC News

E-books are increasingly being used in classrooms by children as young as three – and they are making a big difference to the reading habits of boys. But there are … Continue reading

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The Purpose of School

A very simple infographic via Dylan Wiliam explaining the importance of an education based on attitudes, behaviours and competences rather than simply content-based learning… Source: Visual Thinkery – Bryan Mathers

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Thought For The Day: Einstein on Education

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Time to Think and Create

In the headlong rush to define curriculum content, schools often forego the time and space to allow students to work independently and problem solve on issues which engage them. Our … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Listen

I’m regularly driving or walking about in the morning and afternoons when school is starting or finishing. A phenomena I’m seeing more and more is that of parents, particularly mums, … Continue reading

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Disruptive Learning Strategies

The term ‘disruptive’ is often used in terms of promoting the rate of change in an organisation. It is applied equally to the economy and to education. The word tends … Continue reading

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