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Thought For The Day: Confucius Say…

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Technology in the Classroom: Some Considerations

We have often written against the concept that sees technology in the classroom as the universal panacea for raising standards of learning in students. This is a more thoughtful piece … Continue reading

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NUT says tackling teacher shortage ‘should be priority’ | BBC News

Teachers are calling for tackling staff shortages to be made a priority rather than “politically motivated” projects such as academies and free schools. The National Union of Teachers heard warnings … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: It’s Never Too Late

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Emotional Intelligence Explained

The work of Daniel Golman on Emotional Intelligence is well reported. This presentation from the Harvard Business Review outlines the main components of Emotional Intelligence. The context is the business … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being a Reflective Parent | Sheila Redfern

The social environment of the family a child is raised is pivotal to how a child develops. One important feature within the family environment is how parents respond to their … Continue reading

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Why should children play outside? | CBeebies 

Outdoor play gets kids fitter and healthier as well as making them think! Did you know that as well as learning about nature, children who play outside develop better language … Continue reading

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When is Easter? Well, it depends… | BBC iWonder

Why is Easter a movable feast, why there are two Easter dates and how Easter influenced the calendar we use today. Fascinating Easter facts from the BBC website: When is … Continue reading

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Teachers fear for pupils’ safety on social media | BBC News

Most teachers know of pupils who have used social media to share sexual messages, pictures or videos, a survey by a teachers’ union suggests. A poll of 1,304 teachers by … Continue reading

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Working with students to give them value and values

I can’t fault any of these suggestions… I’d suggest new teachers work on these before embarking on any knee jerk disciplinary actions… Read the full article by Vicki Davis here: … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships ‘failing young people’, says commission | BBC News

The government’s apprenticeships drive is failing to deliver for young people in England – with enrolments flatlining among under-25s, a commission says. The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission says … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Privilege and Learning

I once saw a high school teacher lead a simple, powerful exercise to teach his class about privilege and social mobility. He started by giving each student a scrap piece … Continue reading

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Feeding the Inner Learner: Intrinsic Motivation by Maurice Elias

Choice is an essential element in feeling a sense of control. But when choices are offered, individuals need to have the information necessary for making a meaningful decision, not simply … Continue reading

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Exam appeals overhaul ‘fundamentally flawed’, say head teachers | BBC News

Plans to overhaul the exam appeals system in England will make it more unfair, say head teachers. The proposals, from exams regulator Ofqual, will make it harder to appeal against … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Peter Drucker on Change in Organisations

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A Different Way of Leading Schools: Constructivism

The organisation of schools is traditionally hierarchical with leadership and management structures which contain and constrain discussion and tend to make the key focus of the school the individual subject department, … Continue reading

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Ofsted reprieve for heads who step into failing schools | BBC News

Heads who take over struggling schools are to be given a two and half years reprieve from Ofsted inspections, to enable them to turn things around. The plans come in … Continue reading

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The Life Project: educational implications of a long term study of the British population

The Guardian has published some insights into the impact of a major long term study of cohorts of British people which was begun at the end of the Second World … Continue reading

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How to Learn Anything | Ac-Ed

Originally posted on ace-d:
Sometime ago I came across a TED Blog  by Krystian Aparta about an “Open Translation Project” where translators shared their secrets to mastering a foreign language. …

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A fascinating post-Roman but pre-Anglo Saxon invasion map of Britain (450AD)

Access the interactive map here: The Island of Britain AD 450-600 | The History Files

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Thought For The Day: Flowers

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Budget sets out academies plan and longer school day | BBC News

Chancellor George Osborne has used his Budget speech to say all schools in England will become academies and extend the school day. Schools must become academies by 2020 or have … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset Explained

Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset is gaining increasing traction in schools worldwide. Her work focuses on the attitudes and behaviours required to be a successful learner. Our friends at … Continue reading

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Why is maths education a huge political issue in America? | BBC News

  The latest viral video purporting to show the complexity of America’s Common Core standards shows why education is an issue in a key election year. How would you teach … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Testing

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Teaching is not a Business

Considering teaching as an art implies not only a different understanding of teaching, but requires considering a different framework of knowledge as well. In the arts there are clearly ways … Continue reading

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UK teacher in final for global prize | BBC News

A London maths teacher is among the top 10 finalists for a global teaching prize. Colin Hegarty, who has set up his own maths teaching website, has reached the final … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Skills Forum

My colleague, Roy Newey, was this week appointed by Lord Marland as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Skills Forum. The remit of the forum is to stimulate debate, broker commercial relationships, … Continue reading

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10 ways the UK’s eating habits have changed | BBC News

Figures charting the UK’s changing food-buying patterns have been released. What do they tell us about the nation? Source: 10 ways the UK’s eating habits have changed | BBC News

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International Women’s Day: Sexism rife in textbooks, says Unesco | BBC News

Sexist attitudes are “rife” in school textbooks used in developing countries, according to Unesco. The United Nations agency, marking International Women’s Day, says negative stereotyping undermines the education of girls. … Continue reading

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