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How can I keep my kids safe online? | BBC iWonder

  BBC iWonder have teamed up with e-safety organisation Internet Matters to help you make the internet a safe space for your kids. Understanding the risks that young people may be … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy – Digital Pathways

This is an incredibly useful summary on how to apply digital resources to scale Bloom’s Taxonomy. Thank you to our friends at Educator’s Technology for their work in compiling this. … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate My Homework!

The classic homework excuse brought up to date…

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TLLM: Teach Less. Learn More.

A great article by John Dsouza on an innovative learning model. Significantly he explores why such a model is incompatible with the marketisation of learning approach in which there are … Continue reading

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An Even Better Way | Ac-Ed

Originally posted on ace-d:
Schools are pushing students at this time of year to make or exceed their target grades. A great deal goes on both during school, after school…

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Thought For The Day: Humility

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Leadership and the Arts – the Counterpoint to STEM

A short and informative article by John Zermani promoting the role of Arts in the development of leadership: An artful leader must know how to lead people creatively. Since all … Continue reading

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Is the Department for Education fit for purpose? | BBC News

Newsnight’s Chris Cook asks whether we need to be wary about Whitehall’s capacity to run proposed educational reforms. Yesterday evening, the Department for Education announced that it was cancelling a … Continue reading

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Comedy Classroom – Having a Write Laugh! | BBC

Comedy Classroom is a brand new comedy writing competition produced by BBC Learning in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and BBC Comedy. The competition calls upon teachers around the … Continue reading

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A Compendium of Skills Needed by 21st Century Learners

This is a neat summary by Bradley Kemp of the skills base which a 21st century learner will need to deploy. The question is: Are schools preparing students to develop … Continue reading

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Academy accounts ‘uncertain’, warns spending watchdog | BBC News

The Department for Education has been severely reprimanded by the National Audit Office for failing to properly account for spending by academies. The DfE has just published its accounts for … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Einstein on Creativity

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Lesson Closure Ideas

The idea that the lesson is far more than an opportunity for information transfer is central to the idea of a learning renaissance. To this end, Todd Finlay offers these … Continue reading

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Harsh marks ‘put pupils off languages’ | BBC News

Harsh and inconsistent marking is putting pupils in England off studying languages beyond age 14, a report says. The dawn of more rigorous GCSEs will further reduce interest in languages, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Brighter You Are…

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Accounting for the Gender Performance Gap in Schools

John D’Souza’s article accounts for performance differences between girls and boys in schools. The key question is what do we do in the culture of our schools to address this issue? … Continue reading

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Where did Shakespeare go on tour? | BBC iWonder

An interactive map following where Shakespeare and his acting troupe – The King’s Men – went on tour in England. View it here on the BBC website: Where did Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Ten Top Tips for Revision Success from Cambridge University Press

A free, themed classroom poster each month from Cambridge University Press. Pin and print for use in your classroom! Classroom Posters on Pinterest | Cambridge University Press

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Revise on the go with the new Bitesize app | BBC Bitesize

The new BBC Bitesize app is now available to download on your mobile phone for free (iOS and Android). Whether you’re studying GCSEs, Nationals or Highers, we’ve broken down your … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Mark Twain

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Digital Darwinism and Schooling

An interesting rejoinder from Mal Lee and Roger Broadie… In 2016 only a handful of schools globally have normalised the whole school use of the digital, trusted all its members … Continue reading

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Do academies get better results? | BBC News

If a school becomes an academy are the results more likely to improve?It’s a key question in the debate about whether all schools in England should be forced to become … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Picasso on Learning

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Questioning That Deepens Comprehension | Edutopia

When students deeply understand a given text, they want to take action. They want to do something with the information that they’ve gained or the perspectives they’ve developed. This is … Continue reading

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Ministers didn’t listen over baseline tests, unions say | BBC News

The government has been accused of failing to listen to teachers after it was forced to shelve its controversial tests for reception pupils in England. Ministers announced the tests would … Continue reading

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Leadership Reflections

Originally posted on ace-d:
I have been led by others and I have led others. I have studied leadership and I have experienced good and poor leadership. I have worked…

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Great Infographic on the Principles of Modern Learning

Source: 12 Principles Of Modern Learning |

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Thought For The Day: Boss or Leader?


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Communication Strategies with Pen and Other Tools

We have touched before on the preoccupation of many controlling educational policy development on a restricted view of the need to develop writing as a means of communication, often to … Continue reading

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International Space School Education Trust Launches Experiments

An update from ISSET! The SpaceX8 launch which is sending 5 of our winning Mission Discovery programme experiments to the International Space Station is due to take place 8th April … Continue reading

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