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Thought For The Day: Music

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Art-Based Learning Implementation Strategies

Another excellent synopsis from John D’Souza on Art-Based Learning… ABL – Art-Based Learning: What are “arts-based teaching and learning” practices? How are arts-based teaching and learning practices implemented? What are … Continue reading

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Exam stress ‘among teen suicide causes’ | BBC News

Exam pressures and physical health problems, like acne, are major contributory factors in the suicides of young people, according to research.Experts at the University of Manchester also found bullying and … Continue reading

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Dendrite launches Bloodhound Supersonic Car Ed App for students

Those clever people at the Dendrite Learning platform have just launched the first official Bloodhound SSC Education App. Available on iOS and Android here: Test your knowledge on the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Da Vinci on Learning

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PQP – An Insight into Quality Feedback

John D’Souza is establishing a reputation for sound thinking on systematic learning strategies. Here are his thoughts on quality developmental feedback for students… Click for the post on LinkedIn Pulse: PQP: … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Don’t Be a Squirrel

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The Anatomy of Brain-Based Learning

John D’Souza mines a rich seam of thinking in this article on Brain-Based Learning… This article has been reproduced in full from its original posting on LinkedIn: Brain-Based Learning 2: … Continue reading

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Science and languages ‘marginalised in primary schools’ | BBC News

Pupils are leaving primary school unprepared for the rigours of science and foreign languages at secondary level, Ofsted’s chief inspector says. Sir Michael Wilshaw said the focus on the ‘three … Continue reading

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Using the Rule of Three for Learning | Edutopia

As it turns out, economists, chemists, aviators, and scuba divers use the Rule of Three (even Agatha Christie did when she wrote a series of plays entitled The Rule of Three). … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Anything Not Everything

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Preparing Learners for the Future…

  The unprecedented rate of technological change causes real problems for the school curriculum. The school curriculum, is, by its very nature, conservative as it carries all the government’s and … Continue reading

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Whole School Coaching Strategy

As has been stated before, “Culture beats strategy hands down in school leadership” so it was interesting to see this post from Hannah Wilson of the Harris Federation Teaching Alliance … Continue reading

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STEM: ISSET Mission Discovery places on offer

From the ISSET Space & STEM Facebook page: To enter, visit the ISSET Facebook page: ISSET Space & STEM For more information: Mission Discovery – Space & STEM Summer Camp

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Thought For The Day: Oscar Wilde on Experience #2

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Disruptive Education 2.0 | Kritika Joon | LinkedIn

The world is rapidly evolving. Technology is disrupting the education industry at a rapid scale and changing the way we educate ourselves. Students in today’s world must not only possess … Continue reading

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Why do women get more university places? | BBC News

  A baby girl born in 2016 will be 75% more likely to go to university than a boy, if current trends continue. This isn’t just a slight difference. Women … Continue reading

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Building Staff Rapport With Flash Lessons | Edutopia

A hands-on administrator asks teachers to become students for a class period and, at his prompting, model trust, academic risk taking, and camaraderie. The spirit of the flash lesson is, … Continue reading

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Poor school buildings ‘damaging pupils’ health and education’ | BBC News

Too many UK pupils are trying to learn in classrooms that are damaging their health and their education, say architects. And too many teachers are quitting, blaming stressful and overcrowded … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Testing and Improvement

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Cognitive Bias, and Why We Act the Way We Do

An interesting article from Gizmodo on why we exhibit certain behaviours which seem to defy rationality… …it’s important to distinguish between cognitive biases and logical fallacies. A logical fallacy is … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Asking Questions

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Poverty, its impact on learners, and what is to be done about it…

William Parrett and Kathleen Budge share some insights on poverty among learners in this Edutopia article… Leading underachieving students in poverty to success involves asking the right questions, finding the … Continue reading

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Why was Shakespeare so special? | BBC iWonder

Michael Rosen looks at the work of William Shakespeare, his fellow playwrights and why his plays in particular have stood the test of time. See the full presentation here: Why was … Continue reading

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Unions hail scrapping of English academy plans | BBC News

Teaching unions have welcomed the government’s decision to ditch plans to force all state schools in England to become academies. They said the move was recognition that “one size” did … Continue reading

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Government climbdown over forced academies plan in England | BBC News

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan announces the government will not now pursue plans to force all schools in England to become academies. Read more about this story on the BBC website: … Continue reading

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Visualising 21st Century Learning

Pulling together a range of different threads, Mary Wade at Edutopia has authored this article on the components of 21st century learning… Problem-based learning, makerspaces, flipped learning, student blogging – these … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Benjamin Franklin on Learning

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Critical Thinking: The How Not What of Learning

This is an interesting article by Dr Roy van den Brink-Budgen on critical thinking in schools which also allows you to register for a large scale study and keep abreast … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Evaluating Schools


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