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The Importance of Play in Learning

Source: Oko Laa/Shutterstock

Source: Oko Laa/Shutterstock

I remember primary school as being a joyous time of play and joyous learning in which the end of year test was an annoying, if short term inconvenience.

Things are very different for children now and the regime of testing simply blunts them as learners. Testing is always popular for the top administrators as it gives them data… whether it would be better to be learning rather than taking time out for testing is not considered because of a ‘managerial’ based model of leadership.  To paraphrase Cat Stevens, not only “Where will the children play?” but “When will the children play?”

… and by ‘play’ I mean self-organised creation and interactions in which they can explore relationships, imagination and their place in the physical world.

Read more in this blog post by Peter Gray PhD: The Decline of Play and Rise in Children’s Mental Disorders | Psychology Today


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