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In the last two decades the idea of “Learning Styles” has gained some credibility in the educational community. Unfortunately, the evidence for learning styles, either being hard-wired into the brain function of individuals, or expressed as a particular preference in the way an individual learner prefers to work, is heavily nuanced.

Too often teachers, on cursory reading of the research matter, or more likely through the efforts of evangelical CPD providers, have adopted  a “Learning Styles” based learning approach which has been a gross, and often misleading interpretation of the research data. I’ve seen students issued with exercise books, supposedly mirroring their learning styles and teachers attempting to differentiate the lesson delivery to incorporate “the full spectrum of learners before them”.

The quest to individualise the learning experience was laudable, but with such blunt tools, inevitably flawed.

Todd Finley at Edutopia has produced this useful digest of experts in the field explaining their position: Are Learning Styles Real – and Useful? | Edutopia


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