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Science careers not only for boffins, says Prof Brian Cox | BBC News

Science careers are not “boring or only for boffins”, says Prof Brian Cox.  The physicist and TV presenter says it annoys him “that people still have these perceptions”. Prof Cox … Continue reading

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Five Ways the Great Fire Changed London

The Great Fire of London raged for four days in 1666, destroying much of the city and leaving some 100,000 people homeless. As the Museum of London prepares to mark … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Secret of Success

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Top Priority Summer Goal for Educators: Sleep! | Edutopia

Sleep affects our physical and emotional health, and it involves a range of complex functions associated with memory, ability to learn, brain development, appetite, immune functioning, and aging. If you … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Arts in Learning

If we take a one dimensional view of life and learning we only get to read one face of this inscription. We develop a much more robust manner of thinking … Continue reading

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Working with Parents

  For many schools their relationship with parents is confined to the annual Parents’ Evening and a communication when things go wrong.  Many successful schools recognise the importance of extending … Continue reading

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The 100 things to do before leaving primary school | BBC News

The 100 things children think they should do before they leave primary school are revealed by the Times Educational Supplement. Falling asleep in a lesson or telling your teacher to … Continue reading

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A fantastic insight into Autism Spectrum Disorders from Rebecca Burgess

The term Autism is popularly used as a non-specific catch all term for a range of symptoms and behaviours. The actuality is more complicated, as Rebecca Burgess explains in this … Continue reading

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Social media harms moral development, parents say | BBC News

A majority of parents in the UK believe social media harms their children’s moral development, a survey suggests. Just over half (55%) of 1,700 people with children aged 11 to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: IT in the Classroom

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The Surprising Link Between Laughter and Learning | Fast Company

Relaxing is key to learning. Learning is key to leadership. Laughter unlocks both. When we laugh, we relax. As anxiety decreases, our capacity to retain information expands. Jokes also prompt … Continue reading

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Outdoor learning ‘boosts children’s development’ | BBC News

Outdoor learning can have a positive impact on children’s development but it needs to be formally adopted, a report suggests. Childhoods were dramatically changing, with fewer opportunities to spend time … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: What Remains

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The Culture and Philosophy of Learning Development

One of the key determinants of the success of formal learning systems is the culture and philosophy that drives the organisation. The culture should be reflected in the mission statement, … Continue reading

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Asian maths method offered to schools | BBC News

  Thousands of primary schools in England are to be offered the chance to follow an Asian style of teaching maths. The government is providing £41m of funding to help … Continue reading

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Extra 750,000 school places needed in population surge | BBC News

An official school population forecast says pupil numbers will rise by a further 10% in the next decade. The pressure on creating new schools and extra classrooms will be one … Continue reading

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Future Skills from the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum should know something about the skills needed to power the global economy of the future. This presentation outlines what they consider to be the top ten … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Places You’ll Go…

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Improving Student Attendance: Lateral Thinking and Management Information

Often the most useful strategies for improving school performance require some lateral thinking and a look beneath the surface of an issue. One of the most intractable problems all schools … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Learn with Pleasure

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Models of Leadership by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman’s work on leadership goes some way to explaining how the leadership values and concerns help shape the culture of an organisation, be it a school or a more … Continue reading

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Thousands of courses to be scrapped in vocational shake-up | BBC News

Some 20,000 vocational courses are to be scrapped and replaced with 15 new qualifications for teenagers in England under new government plans. Sixteen-year-olds will have to choose between academic and … Continue reading

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‘Top universities to offer full degrees online in five years’ | BBC News

Leading universities will offer fully accredited undergraduate courses online within five years, says the founder of a leading US online university network. Daphne Koller, chief executive of Coursera, said the … Continue reading

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Fast Track to Being Creative

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Thought For The Day: The Wisdom of Dr Seuss #2

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Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning | Edutopia

Looking for tools and strategies for effective assessment in project-based learning? To support you, Edutopia have assembled this guide to helpful resources. Source: Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning | Edutopia

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Learning by Doing – The Essence of Project-Based Learning

Learning by doing has always been seen as a more effective learning methodology than rote learning or teacher transmission. Too often schools marginalise this type of learning because of perceived … Continue reading

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Almost half of primary pupils miss new Sats standard | BBC News

Almost half of pupils in England have failed to meet a new tough standard in reading, writing and mathematics. Official data shows just over half (53%) of 11-year-olds made the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Gift, Skill, Choice

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Morgan warns Sats results not comparable to previous years | BBC News

The results of Sats tests taken in primary schools in England, due to be published on Tuesday, should not be compared with previous years, says Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. The … Continue reading

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