The Learning Renaissance

Educational Leadership 101

  We have linked to the talks given by TED many times. As examples of the use of media to deliver profound messages in a simple format there are few … Continue reading

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Degrees have ‘retained earnings value’ | BBC News

The value of a university degree in higher earnings has not been eroded by the increase in student numbers, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Read more about this story … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Friendship

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How to Start the Day

Start every day right for success.

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Teenagers ‘need better advice for A-level choices’ | BBC News

Over half of this year’s university applicants picked their sixth form subjects without considering their future prospects, suggests a poll. And almost one in five of over 1,000 UK 18- … Continue reading

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Quiz: How well would you have done at GCSE? | BBC Magazine

It’s the last year of the current system, which was introduced in 1988. But how would you fare against today’s teenagers in the current exams? Take the test here: Quiz: … Continue reading

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GCSE results show record decline | BBC News

This year’s GCSE results have shown the biggest ever year-on-year decline – down to the lowest level since 2008. The overall proportion of entries achieving A* to C has declined … Continue reading

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ShakeItUp – Mixital

‘ShakeItUp’ lets you remix the work of the Bard. Cast a scene, give it your own spin and invent new endings. Get creative with Shakespeare. ShakeItUp is part of the Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Lives

Curated by the BBC and the British Council, Shakespeare Lives marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare in partnership with some of the UK’s leading arts organisations. … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Opening Doors

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Digital Darwinism and Schooling

Another entry in the occasional series by Mal Lee and Roger Broadie on the future uses of ICT in Learning. Digital Darwinism, as the term connotes can lead to the … Continue reading

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Teachers urged to submit GCSE and A-level questions | BBC News

A major exam board is to ask teachers to submit potential questions for GCSE and A-level exams. Teachers are to be asked to submit challenging GCSE and A-level exam questions … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Smart or Wise?

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Intros and Outros for the Classroom

Setting the tone and expectation for learning in the classroom will determine the success that students experience in the lesson. Such techniques establish routines and expectations for learning. Rebecca Alber outlines … Continue reading

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Firms offered £2,000 incentive to take on apprentices | BBC News

Employers in England are being offered an extra £2,000 to take on teenagers, care leavers and those with special education needs as apprentices. Under the plans, small businesses will be … Continue reading

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Old and New Learning – Some Key Dimensions

  Key features of the school of the 21st century outlined … How close does learning in your school match the features on the right… and what are you doing to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Live and Learn

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Building Student Cognitive Flexibility

Judy Willis overlooks a different way for teachers to operate in the classroom in which student learning development and critical thinking play the key role: Building Students’ Cognitive Flexibility | … Continue reading

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The importance of a positive teacher-student relationship: it can boost good behavior in teens for up to 4 years | ace-d

Originally posted on From experience to meaning…: We’ve known for a long time that a positive relationship between teachers and students is important for learning. In the work of John … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Never Give Up

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Economics Explained and the Power of the Animate

Starting with some talks by Sir Ken Robinson on educational futures some years ago, the Royal Society of the Arts, Commerce and Manufactures (RSA) regularly produces talks in an Animate format. … Continue reading

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The real Van Gogh – A genius not driven by madness but crippled by it | BBC Arts

Vincent van Gogh is the original tortured artist. The famous severed ear, the suicide by gunshot, and the vast body of work ‘discovered’ after his death – all shorthand for … Continue reading

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Social division stays in online learning | BBC News

There are strong social divisions in how young people use digital technology, according to international research from the OECD. The economics think tank found that in many countries wealthy and … Continue reading

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Schools Reinvented, or Rather Learning Reinvented

An interesting presentation from School House about reinventing schools for the 21st century. Amazing how often people say “changing schools” when what they really mean is “changing learning”…

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Thought For The Day: Be Light

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As a Teacher You Are Never Too Old to Learn

When you have been teaching for a number of years, the cyclical nature of the academic year and the constant administrative demands can make for teaching on automatic pilot. This … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Teach Peace

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Understanding Student Behaviours

  This article from Dr Richard Curwin on Edutopia rings true to me. I remember  particularly disruptive child in an inner city secondary school who would drive me to distraction … Continue reading

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Outstanding schools take too few poor pupils, study says | BBC News

Poor children in England are less likely to attend the best schools, even if they live nearby, suggests a new analysis of official figures. The Schooldash blog compared the proportion … Continue reading

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The Importance of Meta-Learning and the Foundations of a New Values Curriculum

The curriculum in public education is usually expressed as an accumulation of knowledge, usually defined at some point by those who fund the education service. In England, that has ossified … Continue reading

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