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Economics Explained and the Power of the Animate

Starting with some talks by Sir Ken Robinson on educational futures some years ago, the Royal Society of the Arts, Commerce and Manufactures (RSA) regularly produces talks in an Animate format.

I’m not sure what entices me more, the content of the talks or the Animate format.

Animate format is significant as it is an interface between the words of the speaker and the realisation of those words in a cartoon format. It is a very compelling way of presenting information and because words and images are overlapping. It is incredibly helpful in terms of retention of information as it allows for more synaptic links to be produced from the given content, aural and visual cues servicing retention.

You will find other RSA Animates posted here on the Learning Renaissance – just click on the RSA Animate tag to see them all.

This is Ha-Joon Chang explaining economics.

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