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Learning Styles – Bastardising Neuroscience


Neuroscientists are notoriously difficult to engage with in a meaningful conversation about their research as it is so arcane and nuanced. Consequently when any piece of their research is released to educationalists, they try to turn it into operational practice in schools.

Like Chinese whispers the route from metacognitive research to practical applications in the classroom was somewhat convoluted, and along the way, something was lost in translation. The result was an over-reliance on simplistic classroom practices, of which the most impactful was the idea of preferred learning styles.

A few years ago this idea gathered considerable momentum in schools, giving poorly-prepared teachers a highly simplified overview of the idea of preferred learning styles which influenced the pattern of priorities the teacher set for individual children, based on an elementary analysis of their preferred learning style.

Laurie Vazquez takes up the story…


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