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Schools and the Suppression of Creativity



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It has been argued before that the fundamental structures of school, in echoing the practices of early industry are designed with efficiency rather than effectiveness in mind. Not surprisingly, the development of creativity is not regarded as a primary objective. Despite this, the UK education system has produced people of extraordinary creativity, far beyond what would have been expected.

The managerial model of school leadership, which is so pervasive, looks at schooling as a process of maximising outputs in terms of examination successes at the key age stages so it could be that creativity is currently at greater threat both by the marginalisation of creative expression subjects in the curriculum and from the abandonment of traditional creative endeavours like school choirs and orchestras, eisteddfods in Wales and dramatic productions and cultural exchanges.

This article outlines the problem of creativity within a school context: Everyone is born creative, but it is educated out of us at school | The Guardian


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