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Schools ‘could be 19,000 heads and deputies short by 2022’ | BBC News

Education charities warn schools in England could be short of 19,000 heads and deputies by 2022.

The Future Leaders Trust, Teach First and Teaching Leaders say the new leaders will be needed as pupil numbers rise and large numbers of heads retire.

They also highlight the need for extra school leaders as more schools switch to academy status.

The Department for Education says it does not recognise the figures.

The latest school workforce data shows that there are 68,800 full-time equivalent leaders in state schools in England.

The DfE adds that since 2010 the proportion of schools reporting a head teacher vacancy has decreased, while the number of school leaders over the age of 50 has decreased significantly.

Read more about this story on the BBC website: Schools ‘could be 19,000 heads and deputies short by 2022’ | BBC News

One comment on “Schools ‘could be 19,000 heads and deputies short by 2022’ | BBC News

  1. 4c3d
    November 13, 2016

    What should be of concern is the growing lack of mentors and coaches for the next generation too. Without their experience and guidance we risk a growing number of next generation school leaders who may have the theory but lack the empathy and experience that can be gained under good Heads and Deputies. So it not a problem for the future it is a problem for the present. See my article on leadership reflections at :

    As for the DfE not recognising the figures one has to ask just what do they recognise these days?

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