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Happy Christmas

The Learning Renaissance would like to wish all our followers a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday. We hope 2017 will be a fruitful year for personal growth and enlightenment.

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Meet the kids who think for themselves | BBC News

  A new learning technique is driving results up in UK schools. Watch the video on the BBC website: Meet the kids who think for themselves | BBC News

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Building Sentences – A Structured Approach

Having students understand the impact of their words is fundamental to enabling them to become great communicators. By deconstructing the task you can rebuild powerful sentences that achieve their purpose. … Continue reading

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London school’s towering performance in Pisa tests | BBC News

A school in north London could be among the best in the world after scoring better in international rankings than even top performers like Singapore. The international Pisa education rankings, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Feel No Fear

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Depression Explained – A Primer for Teachers and Students

This animation gives some valuable insights into depression and recognising the symptoms. Via: What Is Depression? Let This Animation With A Dog Shed Light On It |

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2017 STEM Mission Discovery for school students launched by ISSET

Read more here: Mission Discovery 2017

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Thought For The Day: Treasure

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Needs-Based Learning, by John D’Souza

John D’Souza certainly seems to have struck a chord with his series of provocative articles on the potential of different approaches to learning: Needs-Based Learning

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Blended Learning Explained

This infographic explains what Blended Learning is, and gives pointers as to how it can be incorporated into the diet of school-based learners… Source: An Interesting Visual Featuring Blended Learning … Continue reading

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Scottish schools data published for first time | BBC News

Data about how well schools in Scotland do on reading, writing and numeracy has been published for the first time. But the Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Levels information sets … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Oscar Wilde on Experience #1

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Data-Based Learning

Another in the series by John D’Souza on the components of twenty first century learning… Data based decision making or data-driven decision making refers to educator’s on-going process of collecting … Continue reading

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Children of ‘just managing families left out by grammars’ | BBC News

Lack of access to grammar schools is not confined to the poorest children, those from “just managing” families are also left out, research suggests. “There is a strong indication that … Continue reading

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So What Exactly Does a Teacher Do For Society?

A witty riposte from across the pond about what teachers do in schools and in society: “So what do you do, darlin’?”

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BBC launches Red Nose Day Comedy Classroom with Blue Peter

Stars of comedy and film support search for best young comedy writer. Richard Curtis, Sir Lenny Henry, Miranda Hart, Sara Pascoe, and David Walliams give their backing to a new … Continue reading

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Cooperative Schools: A Way Ahead?

  In England, the Tory government has, for the last six years, been pursuing a policy of the privatisation of education through its Academies programme. This took a policy of … Continue reading

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As a Leader, How Should You Spend Your Days?

What does the day of the effective leader look like? It could look exceptionally crowded with busy work or filled with meetings which don’t reach conclusions. Certainly time management is … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Adventure of Life

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Pen Pals 2.0: Can Technology Foster Global Tolerance? | Edutopia

digit Schools all over the world are using digital tools to help students collaborate and build cultural understanding with distant peers. “That’s my friend!” students from Lee’s classroom whispered excitedly, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Real Learning

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The Politicians Who Made Thinking Redundant: Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Students

As a teacher of History, I spent a considerable part of my time in the classroom helping students to develop critical thinking skills which explored evidence to come to reasoned … Continue reading

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National Teaching Service dropped, government confirms | BBC News

A scheme to recruit top teachers to work in deprived areas has been dropped, the government confirms. The National Teaching Service was announced by England’s then Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, … Continue reading

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Leadership Communication

Forming and maintaining great and motivated teams requires a caring set of relationships epitomised by questions like these. Asked regularly and sincerely, they form a growing bond of trust and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Stay Young

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