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As a Leader, How Should You Spend Your Days?

What does the day of the effective leader look like?

It could look exceptionally crowded with busy work or filled with meetings which don’t reach conclusions. Certainly time management is a significant skill but at the end of the working day what should be achieved?

This chart, by Larry Kim,  gives some suggestions of attitudes, behaviours and competences which empower leaders and followers to focus on sound development…




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One comment on “As a Leader, How Should You Spend Your Days?

  1. 4c3d
    December 9, 2016

    I think this list shows why being a leader requires work. Some people are “naturals” and some have to work hard at it. Then there are those I call simulacrums, they like the title and the job appeals but they are either not naturally orientated towards leadership or don’t put the work in. Or am I being negative? You can find my reflections on leadership and what think makes a good leader here along with what I have been told is an excellent and inspiring acronym for what leaders do and that is “enable”

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