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Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNAM)

Mentoring provides a different paradigm for learning that stresses partnership and empowerment for the student in the relationship with the teacher/mentor.  Mentor Herman Stewart posted this case study from his work in Birmingham…

Blakesley Hall Primary School in Birmingham has more than 600 pupils who are cared for by more than 60 teachers and support staff. It has been working with Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNAM) for several years, with the organisation giving it a Silver Award and granting it Lead School Status.

An ECNAM Silver award means a school has embedded best practice, is committed to impact learning, working with the parent community and increasing the wellbeing of its children. A Lead School is a valued partner organisation of ECNAM, who pioneers a range of mentoring innovations both nationally and internationally.

In 2016, Blakesley Hall was starting its third year of working with ECNAM and again looked to the organisation to develop a mentoring programme for its Year 6 students.

Read Herman Stewart’s full post here: Child-centered​ school improvement – case study | Herman Stewart | LinkedIn

Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNAM) inspire pupils to realise their potential. These students are within Education and are preparing for their SATs, 11+ or GCSE examinations. Our youth mentoring programmes are tools used to motivate personal development, empowerment, and aspirations. ECNAM’s leading programmes also equip SLT’s, teachers and support staff to become excellent mentors.

At ECNAM, we believe all children deserve the right to flourish and make progress in their well-being and social involvement, allowing them to make a difference in their schools, families, and local communities. Encouraging independence is a vital factor for our practice which aligns with SMSC and other relevant policies within Education.

For more information, or to Join the Team visit:

Tel: 0800 644 4881
Our website:
Twitter: @MentorWorldwide
Facebook: @Everychildneedsamentor

Below you can see a video of the project at Blakesley Hall Primary School.

Here is the testimony of Rachel Clement who is the Head teacher of Thornton Primary in Lancashire. In 2014, Thornton school became the first Every Child Needs a Mentor school in the UK.


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