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The End of Examinations As We Know Them?

The last few weeks have heralded a lot of national announcements about the traditional examination system. OFSTED has decried the examination factory culture of some English schools and is looking to reform the culture and driving values of schools to include a more holistic approach to developing the potential of learners.

There has been growing disquiet about aspects of examinations for some time ranging from grade inflation to wider calls for their abandonment as a crude measure of ability and application. Clearly, changes in the curriculum have thrown into sharp relief, the paucity of the written examination as a measure of ability and an assessment tool.

Finland has announced radical changes to its curriculum provision which highlights problem solving and extended project work over fact recall. Singapore, another top OECD Pisa country has decided to abandon formal examinations all together. UAE have announced a similar decision.

Graham Brown Martin gives this interesting insight: Are we seeing the end of the examination system?

Chart source: Chart: The Top Rated Countries/Regions 2016 | Statista

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