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Thought For The Day: The Purpose of Education

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Are there any teachers out there who would encourage their students to pursue teaching?

An interesting article by Sandro Bellantone which hints at what is behind the teacher recruitment and retention crisis… Are there any teachers out there who would encourage their students to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Teacher Inspiration

For those days when you question why you are still teaching. It tends not to be the students that get you down, but the administration.

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The Reasons Why Teachers (and Others) Leave Jobs…

This has certainly been my experience in education. Sadly, too many schools do not conduct effective induction and leaving programmes so that they can monitor this issue and take steps … Continue reading

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Managerialism and Micro-Management

The tendency for educational leaders to be overly-invested in exploring and manipulating data, without recourse to culture and learning represents one of the worst trends in international education. A second … Continue reading

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Effective Self-Management

Being able to rationalise all the forces acting on you in times of great pressure is a particularly useful coping strategy and a guide to where you should devote your … Continue reading

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Secondary league tables – poor pupils behind for next 70 years | BBC News

League tables go live and BBC News reveals how long it could take for poorer pupils to do as well as the rest. Read the full story here: Secondary tables … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Promoting Change

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The Power of Confidence

This is a useful exercise to try in CPD days. Ask your team to write down what they would do if they knew that they could not fail in their … Continue reading

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Feedback and the folly of book marking for teachers and students alike

Thanks to Jon Tait for this little insight into a debate that has been going on for generations in education. When I started teaching, I had an expectation, developed from … Continue reading

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Permission Slips for Teachers and Students

I was very taken by this sheet by┬á, recently shared by Finnish educator Pirjo Suhonen. I suggest we print and distribute to classes and the staff room, particularly the slip … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: What Makes a Great Leader

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Engaging with E-learning

Too often in education, Information Technology has been sold on its features. These may be very enticing all-singing, all-dancing technicolour elements, but at no point does it demonstrate achievable learning … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Strategic Thinking

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Sabotaging Your Own Classroom!

These are all pretty effective ways to undermine your work in the classroom… usually it takes years to appreciate this. Middle school veteran Jennifer Gonzalez identifies 10 ineffective habits new … Continue reading

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Finland: Culture, Trust and Education

Among the most significant features of Finnish education is not found in the classroom, or even in the school, but in the role of education at the heart of the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Leadership

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Thought For The Day: The January Fresh Start

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The passing of an old mentor… Sheila Ginn

So sad to hear that my old Head of Department in my first teaching job at Swavesey Village College has died. Sheila Ginn was a legend. The informal interview I … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation from the Learning Renaissance to Join Our International Reflective Learning Community Resource

If you represent a school or other learning establishment, you are very welcome to include a link to the Learning Renaissance on your online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) library. There … Continue reading

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Brexit: Universities warn no deal is ‘biggest-ever threat’ | BBC News

University heads are warning a no-deal Brexit is “one of the biggest threats” the institutions have ever faced. Higher education leaders have written to MPs to say it is “no … Continue reading

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INSET Days and How Not to do them!

The start of a new term means there is likely to be an INSET day in the offing… Ross Morrison McGill wrote this article that got me thinking about the … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School: Steering Culture, Driving School Improvement and Developing Excellence

My new school improvement book: analysis, commentary, notes from my case files, triangulation points to relate to your own circumstances and templates for improvement campaigns… endorsed by education leaders in … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions…what to bin to give yourself more creative space

We all start the New Year with strong resolutions in mind. We often find that they don’t last the first week back at school! Ross Morrison McGill of Teacher Toolkit … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Education for Enlightenment

This is the guiding philosophy behind the mission of the RSA. It pretty much sums up the mission of the Learning Renaissance as well.

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