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A word of commendation for Plasq and Comic Life!

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We’ve all been in those online conversations with customer relationship departments which seem to be endless, tedious, circuitous and fail to resolve a problem.

It would be perhaps asking too much to work with a company who were helpful, resourceful and future looking … and who had people working with customers who reflected these values passionately.

If you think your ordinary customer enquiries are a pain, you should try asking for permission to use screenshots from a commercial product in a book!

Companies tend to be suspicious of any use of their product in books and are keen to jealously guard copyright to the point where you feel, it would be easier to omit the reference in your book than accede to the myriad demands.

Then there is Plasq… the makers of the fantastic product Comic Life, as well as others.

I’ve had a number of dealings with them in the past and they fulfil the criteria above of an amazingly helpful and committed team, with a positive outlook.

My latest conversation was with Mark, who despite the site claiming they aimed to reply to enquiries within 3 working days, was in touch with me in less than a day! They were delighted I’d found Comic Life useful for progressive learning, and were happy to have me reference their product’s use in my book. They simply asked that I referenced their name and all was well.

Furthermore, they wished me well with the book and asked me to let them know when it was published so that they could give it a mention in their social networks.

I’ve worked with Plasq before. In a number of schools I’ve used their simple to use method of producing comic book templates for scaffolding learning. They have proved to be very popular in engaging students, and in stretching out their thought processes and being aware of appropriateness for audience. The obvious use is for making stories, but the format is equally appropriate for exploring processes and looking at actions and implications. I’ve use the printed stories in the past to have students generate health and safety notices for display in school.

I was so taken with the simplicity of operation of their products that I used them to great effect with adults with learning disabilities who had never used computers before. That is some testimony to the qualities of the product that the adults could access and use the product to remarkable effect as their first encounter with using a computer!

In any context where learning needs to be fun and three dimensional, I can commend the products and qualities of the Plasq team as great people with whom to collaborate.

To return to my initial observation, one day, I hope all customer relations departments will be as good as Plasq. Until then Plasq set the gold standard…

Plasq Comic Life

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