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England university applications hit record numbers | BBC News

Record numbers of 18-year-olds in England have applied for a place at university, figures from Ucas reveal.

The admissions service statistics show 236,350 school leavers – 40% in total – had applied by this year’s deadline of 30 June – 3,970 more than in 2018.

This comes as a government review recommended cutting tuition fees in England from £9,250 to £7,500.

However, the number of 18-year-olds in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland applying for degree places has fallen.

In Northern Ireland, where 47% of 18-year-olds applied, there were 530 fewer applications from school leavers.

There were 610 fewer application in Scotland, where 33% of youngsters put in an application for university.

In Wales, where 33% of school leavers applied, there were 220 fewer applications than last year.

Across the UK as a whole, 275,520 young people have applied to university this year – up from 272,910 at the same point in 2018, but down from 278,130 in 2017.

The figures also show that there are record numbers of black, Asian and mixed race 18-year-old applicants, while the number of white applicants continues to fall.

Read the full article on the BBC website: England university applications hit record numbers | BBC News

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