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Corporal Punishment: A Riposte

Having grown up in the education system when corporal punishment was widespread, I know the negative messages and damage it could do.  Being something of a ‘goody two shoes’ in … Continue reading

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Mothers with ‘controlling voice’ fail to persuade teenagers | BBC News

Mothers who talk to their teenage children in a “controlling tone of voice” are more likely to start an argument than get a positive response, according to researchers. The Cardiff … Continue reading

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Anxiety & I

Via: Anxiety & I on Facebook

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Thought For The Day: Do The Things You Think You Cannot Do

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What’s Lost When We Rush Kids Through Childhood

A reductionist approach in many western nations has meant an undue emphasis on developing reading, writing and arithmetic as the foundations of success in learning. This in turn has led … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Stay Vigilant

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The Pyramid of Learning – Sensory Integration

When people, particularly politicians, speak of learning related to schools, they adopt a very narrow definition of learning. Essentially they talking about curriculum, and that is effectively about the content … Continue reading

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Social Exhaustion… Be Mindful

Symptoms and solutions to the phenomena of social exhaustion and how to deal with them. Some useful ideas for the new term.

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Thought For The Day: The Emotional Cup

Another thank you to Daniel Sobel for bringing this infographic to my attention. Build a little bit of mindfulness into your day, as a parent of a teacher, whilst you … Continue reading

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Empowering Students to Curb Bullying | Edutopia

Standing up to bullying can be frightening, but students can use these low-risk strategies to support peers who are bullied. Read the article here: Empowering Students to Curb Bullying | … Continue reading

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Mind your Ps, Qs and Apostrophes!

A cartoon for the teachers who do it professionally, and one for the grammar pedants who take a keen amateur interest in the aberrant apostrophe. I’m surrounded by professional grammar … Continue reading

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The Single Most Important Lesson You’ll Teach…

Having had a Labrador for the last three years, I’ve got into some deep philosophical conversations about life when walking with fellow dog owners. A number of my dog walking … Continue reading

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Off to ‘big school’? Some pupils need extra support, says Ofsted | BBC News

Primary schools should identify pupils whose behaviour may be at risk of deteriorating when they reach secondary school, a report for Ofsted suggests. Head teachers told Ofsted some pupils could … Continue reading

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BBC Young Reporter Competition | BBC News

The BBC is looking for young people aged between 11 and 18 who want to report on a story or issue which is important to their life or the world … Continue reading

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What I Did This Summer…

Rick McKee: Via: back to school |

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The back-to-school question some believe we should ditch | BBC News

Teachers and former students debate whether you should ask children what they did during the summer. Read the full article here on the BBC website: The back-to-school question some believe … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Work Hard, Be Kind

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SHS ConnectEd Conference, 27 March 2020

I am delighted to have been approached to speak at the Surbiton High School ConnectEd Conference on March 27 2020. This is one of a number of interesting invitations I’ve … Continue reading

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Women in science: ‘Go for it’ | BBC News

Only a third of scientists are women but Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn wants young women to persist. Confidence and asking for help, she says, are the two ways to get … Continue reading

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7 Back to School Tips for Teachers | ThoughtCo

Going back to school after summer break can be exciting, nerve-racking, and hectic for teachers. It may be the most important time of the year. Read the article here: 7 … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Keep Calm

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8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers | Edutopia

New teachers — and experienced ones too — can find ideas here on how to stop disruptive behavior before it begins. In the 1950s, psychologists Jacob Kounin and Paul Gump … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: For All New Term Newbies!

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Child Development Stages – Charlotte Davies | Fit-2-Learn

Thank you to Charlotte Davies, a Director of Fit-2-Learn, who shared this useful infographic on child development. It outlines and integrates the various stages children need to go through in their … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School by David Hughes

For those who have asked… Future Proof Your School is available to order at all good bookshops, it is available online at the usual outlets including Amazon and Amazon Marketplace. … Continue reading

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Another academic year dawns!

Whether you are in a forward looking, innovative and supportive school, or struggling against the odds, never doubt that you are making a difference in young lives…    

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Half of parents ‘want mobile phones banned in schools’ | BBC News

Just under half of UK parents, 49%, think their child’s school should ban mobile phones, a survey by price comparison site uSwitch suggests. Read the full story on the BBC … Continue reading

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