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2000 Posts on The Learning Renaissance!

Earlier this year, m’learned colleague David made a post marking 1000 posts on The Learning Renaissance.

But in fact, what WordPress had flagged up to David at that time was that *he* personally had made 1000 posts since we started this adventure in September 2013, so he was significantly underselling our collective labours.

And since he didn’t leave this Editor any opportunity to correct the error at the time, our fake news has lived on…. until today. (Maths never was his thing!)

But it gives me great pleasure to mark today our 2000 posts milestone, reached in a little over six years.

When I first encountered my fresh-faced Humanities teacher back in 1979, the idea that we might be collaborating on a project 40 years later would have seemed bonkers…  In fact, its been brilliant.


One comment on “2000 Posts on The Learning Renaissance!

  1. educationalist04
    October 11, 2019

    As a teacher, your greatest joy is to witness your old students following their passions in life. Sue was always a model student and a really rather wonderful human being. I too am rather bemused that after forty years, we are in contact and collaborating on such a positive project.

    She brings to the project an air of serenity and technical omni-competence. Her main weapon is efficiency, coupled to effective editorship. Her two main weapons are efficiency, coupled to effective editorship and a vicious devotion to grammatical excellence… amongst her weaponry are efficiency, effective editorship and a vicious devotion to grammatical excellence! She is my Cardinal Fang.

    In short, the momentum, organisation and creativity are all down to the redoubtable Ms Cowley. I owe her a great deal for her efforts and for putting up with my random jottings over the years. Thank you so much Sue.

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